Monday, 25 January 2016

Occupied S01E02

Norway's ever pensive bodyguard for the Prime Minister, Hans Djupvik, continues to stare a lot with no emotion and plenty of concern.
Just as well, as this week, one of the Norway Military Officers attempts an assassination of the Russian Foreign Embassy Ambassador, which he spots and thwarts.
The Norwegian Prime Minster cuts short his game of twister with his bodyguards as the attacker is apprehended.
Hans Djupvik gets to interview the suspect, who is being held in the Russian Embassy, where they refuse to release him .. for some reason I got confused about.
The resident local reporter spends this week helping and hindering his female friend in their cafe, and taking what is known as an ice cream strike with his children.
Not liking the presence of the Russians on Norwegian soil, the Norwegian Military commander apprehends some Russian visitors to his compound, holding them ransom in exchange for his officer that the Russians have.
Even in the presence of a female Russian ambassador, our bodyguard continues his emotionless stare, but convinces her that the assassin acted alone and gets him released.
Look left and right. The very American sounding Russians, who are enjoying our reporter's lady-friend's cafe, fails to remember the highway code, getting knocked down upon leaving the cafe, which appears to be very deliberate,

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