Friday, 26 February 2016

The Walking Dead S06E09 "No Way Out"


"With walkers inside the gates of Alexandria, Rick and the group are scared, outnumbered, and things are only getting worse."

What I thought?

To me this show has gone on about two seasons too long although I know there's people out there who can't get enough of the characters or zombies. I genuinely believe I've seen it all in this show now, but there were at least two moments that were refreshing this week. Sadly we got more of Rick with his depressive whining whisper-like speech, directing orders like a tyrant, much like the people of Alexandria believed. Sure, you have to be serious to survive in this zombie world, but anyone who isn't hardened to that life outside is going to take one look at Rick and think "twat". In my ideal scenario all the main characters except Daryl would be gone very soon and we might have some real new invigorating stuff once more. However, there is some hope. We did get to see Rick think that Alexandria should be rebuilt and expanded, which will help provide a change from the zombie slashing that usually comes most episodes. And what a lot there was this week ...

Forget the human death toll. Who was counting the zombies this week? Wowsers. We had Rick joined by just about everyone in town to take on the hoard like a pack of wolves themselves. There was some specially crafted scenes of zombies being slashed, trashed, and bashed left, front, centre, back, behind ... whatever. They got it in every way possible. By the end I was as exhausted and drained as the zombies and humans alike in this show. Mind you, I still feel like I've already seen every way possible for a zombie to be slaughtered after only the first few seasons of this show. It's action yes, but it is action we've seen far too much of.

But what about that opening? With the crap really hitting the fan at the start, that rocket launcher moment was straight out the top drawer in shock and wow factor. Now that's how you get the viewer's attention!

Despite the two action moments catching the eye, it's far from all good this week. I know Rick is stressed and slightly mad, but he gave the priest his baby to look after? WTF? You'd sooner trust a zombie with the child than that guy! That just made no logical sense.

Then there was the successive and daft way Rick's girlfriend and children all died in slow-motion in the space of a yard and 30 seconds. It all look heavily implausible and contrived as if to rid us of as many Alexandria inhabitants as possible in less than a minute. Everyone who survived were from the original-ish cast!

If you like zombie killing, you'll love this episode. If you demand some common sense, logic and story telling that means something, you'll be somewhat unimpressed like I was this week. However, it was still an enjoyable ride.

Rating 6/10 (DECENT)

WOWSERS! Now that's a fireball!
I'd sooner give my baby to a zombie than this man. Is Rick madder than a hatter?

One good turn deserves several bullets and death.

After some barbecue sauce the zombies found him even more irresistible.
Burn Baby Burn!

If I had to listen to any more of his speeches I think I'd chose death.

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