Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Windows 10 System Apps Review: Get Skype

Note: This page is a review which forms part of the post Windows 10 System Apps Review

What’s this app for?

I know what you’re thinking. This isn’t an app. Well, it actually is an app and it’s in the start menu by default in Windows 10. What does it do? Believe it or not, it gets Skype for you. Skype being an instant messaging, audio and voice communication service.

Does it do the job it was primarily designed for?

It can hardly fail. You click the “Get Skype” shortcut in the start menu and it opens up the app which has the download button for Skype in the middle:

Click that and it’ll open up your default browser and download Skype for you to install:

Given the atrocious “Messaging + Skype” app, you’ll be wanting to use this far superior version of Skype ASAP in windows 10:

What’s the alternative?

There’s the rubbish “Messaging + Skype” app that’s now bundled with Windows 10 as a default system app, but it’s really not an alternative. Thankfully there are multiple Skype alternatives. You’d be much better off using “Skype for Web” or the Skype which now integrated into (if you have a Microsoft account) than using the other windows 10 monstrosity of an Skype app.

Hit, Miss, or Maybe?

Hit; it’s almost embarrassing to say it, but it is an app that does exactly what it says it does.

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