Saturday, 12 March 2016

Occupied S01E09


"Jesper Berg continues his duties as Norway's prime minister from within the US Embassy, while Free Norway carry out an audacious and dangerous plot against the Russians."

What I thought?

Twas all a little bit chaotic this week for my brain to keep up with the foreign language and subtitles. Finally however, Occupied really does mean what it says, as the Russians move into Norway and the tension, as well as the terrorism level is risen to red, which I guess must be the top shelf. 

With the PM lurking about the American Embassy, 'Free Norway' raise their game and kidnap Irina Sidorova, our favourite russian ambassador from the comfort of her health spa. From feeling calm, to having a gun stuck at your head. I'd ask for refund! Security also seems somewhat lapse if you ask me. 3 bodyguards? One was also kidnapped, the other shot and the last one, Bente's lover, falls into the pool. Not sure on his fate, but clearly she wasn't concerned about him any more as it's her leaking of information that led to Sidorova's kidnapping. Seems she's fully swapped to Team Norway now, but likely to be squeezing as many buffet orders from her Russian friends as possible in the future,

Mr Pessimist, Hans Martin Djupvik, is caught up in all this kidnapping, in that he's held in the embassy under suspicions until, back from nowhere, Serkin helps him escape. Well, he escorts him out of the building with no one else really looking the slightest bit interested. Slightly odd that. Anyhow, Hans wife is up the creek too as both him and her are splashed on the front of a newspaper as not to be trusted due to his russian involvement, leading to her being suggested to not proceed with a case involving a russian guy. I assume the guy had something to do with the bombing but I got lost so much this week. Someone else who also got a tad confused was the PM, who found the American ambassador somewhat frosty, then somewhat corporative, and then somewhat placid once the Sidorova kidnapping news broke. With Free Norway broadcasting their prisoners on-line and shooting one of the bodyguards, they gave Russia 24 hours to leave Norway. Given that we know from past episodes that Sidorova's superiors don't really care much for her, and that the Russians have started to occupy the country's main airport, one can assume that the 24 hours will not expire with less Russians in Norway.

It's now gone past political tension and into the world of military and resistance tension. The show has done so well at the political lark so far, that it's time to see if it can make the action just as thrilling.
Rating 7/10 (GOOD STUFF!)

It's cold in Norway, but it's even colder in the American Embassy for the PM.

CGI scene! Russian jets and a Norwegian plan have a political skirmish earlier in the episode.

... which means he does have an idea what she means!

Bente choose sides and goes for Team Norway by supplying info to Free Norway.
The intel leads to Free Norway kidnapping Sidorova from her spa visit, proving that relaxation isn't always good for your health.

Arneson's health is seriously degrading as she suffers a nose bleed and then later a seizure. 

Knowingly now being occupied, the PM tells Norway to stand up to the Russians.

Although the PM probably regrets his words later on as Team Norway issue an execution and an ultimatum.

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