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Occupied S01E10


"The Americans attempt to remove Jesper Berg from their embassy, while Hans Martin frantically searches for Sidorova."

What I thought?

We start off with Jesper Berg, the PM, giving a speech condoning Free Norway and also at the same time bigging up the Americans as Noway's friends whilst being understanding of Norwegian people's feelings. This goes down badly with the American Ambassador who decides to say nothing but instead poison the PM during dinner. Nice! This leads to the Norwegian PM no longer being on American soil but instead in some hospital somewhere. As it happens, it's a hospital somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Wenche Arnesen is there to hold his hand as such, which reassures him, although her treacherous links to Free Norway are unknown to him, although when all security suddenly disappears from outside his hospital room, he sees some military approaching who don't look friendly. Legging it in his pants he doesn't get very far, instead once again seemingly drugged as such (although they say he's sleeping) and flown to somewhere else also in the middle of nowhere, where Team Free Norway are camped up enforce, leading to an uneasy handshake between the PM and his former military general Fritt Norge who is doing the old A-Team Hannibal look thing.

Meanwhile, Hans accuses Arnesen of co-operating with Free Norway at her home, demanding she say where Sidorova is being held. This doesn't all add up, as although we know that she's been up to no good for ages and we suspect Hans has been dubious about her, we've not actually seen any tangible proof in Han's hands or from anyone else that Arnesen has been up to anything dodgy. I'm not sure therefore how he thinks he can go in all strongly like this now? Anyhow, she says nothing incriminating. As Hans links up with the Police to search for Sidorova by using his bat like ears to detect noises in the background of the Free Norway hostage video, Arnesen spends the rest of the episode with a local priest. She's recorded a video revealing herself to be leading Free Norway, which seems unlikely as she's barely given any instructions to them. I think this is all about her feeling good about her terminal illness. The vicar won't help her die of course but as it happens he ends up doing everything else that's on the dodgy side of the law, which involves uploading her video to the press and disposing of her body in the incineration facilities he obviously runs. So much for not taking part in her death proceedings, huh?

Meanwhile, Han's amazing hearing of ship horns in the hostage video background leads to him and the police lady Ingrid down at the nearby docks. Supposedly there's only one dockyards nearby? The sounds are linked to a ferry somehow. Now utilising his amazing bionic eyesight, Hans figures out which ship it is in the dockyard using his binoculars and darn-right superhuman abilities of deduction. Ok, there was some chap on top of the ship with a gun walking about. Even so, this is still a little incredulous how this little plot bit develops. Naturally Hans goes in alone like a one-man-band but without musical instruments. Creeping through the ship he uses Free Norway's weapons against them by nicking a stun grenade. Wham Bang, thank you man later and he's cleared the scene, shooting Iljas dead along the way and rescuing a rather dazed and distressed Sidorova. Cut to ten or so minutes later and time has progressed, including a rather nasty further Free Norway attack on some russian military general. Now that the Arnesen video is out and she's nowhere to be found and will never be unless ash has DNA traces, Sidorova offers Han Arnesen's job, which I'm not sure she really has the authority to do, but you assume she'll suggest it to the Norwegian government who will have to agree with her. Hans only takes a nanosecond to think and accept any way.

What a finale! This had everything, from high tension drama, dramatic gun-fire, a hostage rescue by a one-man-terminator, and genuine emotion. In one episode alone this summed up the first season for'Occupied', in which has been one sticky dramatic tense situation after the other. However, the oddness of the way some plot-lines went down stops it from being excellent.

Rating 7/10 (GOOD STUFF)

Hans accuses Arnesen of working with Free Norway with absolutely no tangible proof.

Jesper's interview with CNN gives the American Ambassador a headache.

So, the ambassador drugs his Ferrero Rocher chocolates with poison to give Jesper a headache.

The PM recovers in a hospital which isn't really much more than an abandoned building.

Bente overseas Russian security shooting someone in a backstreet - a plot aspect that's not explained or ever touched upon again.

Best acting performance by an animal this season; Arnesen's dead cat.

Yes, that ship miles away with the idiot walking about in clear sight with a gun. That one. Think that's where Sidorova is, huh?

Terminator Hans drops a stun grenade to knock everyone out, before then shooting the hapless   Iljas.

Sidorova is naturally very distressed from the whole situation, and probably has a massive headache.

Where's everyone gone? The PM goes to take a look.

Argh. Free Norway are there. The PM legs it in his pants before being captured.

Bente lets Free Norway use her restaurant, which was for the reason of informing the A-Team hit-squad to assassinate some Russian's leaving the embassy.
Only Mr T was missing from this scene.
Emotional scenes between Arnesen and a local vicar, who despite saying he'll not help her die, then proceeds to dispose of her body.
The PM was just as amazed that there appears to be fantastic mobile signal coverage all over Norway as he was about Arnesen's confession video.
But will the PM really go along with leading Free Norway?

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