Friday, 4 March 2016

Star Wars Rebels S02E17 "The Honourable Ones"


"Zeb and Agent Kallus find themselves stranded on an ice planet after a failed Imperial ambush. Kallus has been injured and they must work together to survive the harsh conditions."

What I thought?

After several "so-so" episodes recently, this week was quality from almost the top shelf. Yes, it's predictable somewhat with how things are likely to progress, but that aside, the classic storytelling of two foes forced to work together to survive, is usually one that intrigues and delivers. And this really did!

Drip-fed some really intriguing tid-bits of information from the wider story, this episode was a lot more interesting than you'd think. From the deserted Imperial base above the cult planet of Geonosis (from which we hear everyone is dead on!) our band of rebels are led into a trap, but predictably escape. Except that Zeb and Kallus battle to the last minute, to the point they fight in an escape capsule that Zeb was in, and end up crash landing on a nearby moon. With the Empire and Rebels unable to locate them, and with Kallus injured, Zeb and Kallus bicker a lot but gradually and convincingly band together to avert the danger of some local hostiles. There's some classic stuff with friend versus foe conversations, along with the moment of Kallus aiming a blaster at Zeb with the "will he, won't he? Of course he won't ... this time" moment. Some touching emotional dialogue too, with Kallus admitting that the massacre of Zeb's planet wasn't supposed to happen and how it had affected him also. 

Zeb is rescued by his gang at the end, but doesn't tell them about Kallus who is later picked up by the Empire. It's actually much more touching than you'd expect between Kallus and Zeb. As I sort of predicted in series one, Kallus actually starts to question what it is the empire are doing, with the episode ending with him deep in contemplation. The likelihood of him helping the rebels at some point soon has just become almost certain.

Lastly, Rex is randomly in this week's episode, but does bugger all!

Rating 8/10 (GREAT)
The Rebels investigate just what has been happening on Geonosis, although sadly they don't get to the surface because ...
... IT'S A TRAP!
Zeb & Kallus, stuck together, trade some classic friend versus foe moments, but also some really genuine heart and respect.

The cartoon moment this week comes via Zeb's far too easy climbing, Kallus being thrown about, and evading two massive bird like things.

Back on base, Kallus strangely doesn't first go to sickbay but wonder to his cabin thoughtfully.

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