Saturday, 19 March 2016

Star Wars Rebels S02E19 "The Forgotten Droid"


"After being left behind during a hasty escape, Chopper sneaks aboard an Imperial ship."

What I thought?

Well, I really enjoyed that! Mostly it was a comedy of sorts all based around Chopper's accidental detour on an imperial ship whilst making a new best buddy in a badly treated inventory droid. From the moment of the Empire's droid introduction, with the verbal bashing he was getting from the commander, you already knew how the episode world develop. Sure enough, Chopper and him became mates, ridiculously trick storm-troopers into the cargo-hold and ended up saving the rebel fleet from heading into a trap.

The comparisons between C3PO/R2-D2 and Chopper with his new friend are numerous. I think that's what made it so amusing with their bickering interactions. Probably the new droid was too much like C3PO except that his bickering at Chopper is probably a little more directed and tense than the jesting comments that C3PO comes out with. This droid duo is not a new concept in Star Wars but that didn't detract from it being somewhat a little emotional at times, funny and enjoyable.

Of course, all this was a total distraction after the last episode and the big picture of Darth Vader and those Inquisitors. However, as a charector-centric episode goes, this was very enjoyable and showed off Chopper to his most amusing and mischievous best.

Rating 7/10 (GOOD STUFF)

The episode opens with ships ... again!

The crew fleeing the Empire in the background as Chopper haggles with the shopkeeper is comedy genius.

Droid being badly treated on ship that Chopper is stuck on. I wonder where this will go ...

Sure enough, Chopper gives the commander something to think about.

Droid saves the day, sending the fleet a safe set of coordinates to jump to.

The two bicker to each other just like some other star wars droid duo we may have heard of ...

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