Sunday, 6 March 2016

The Walking Dead S06E10 "The Next World"


"A seemingly simple scavenging run proves to be very tricky when our group isn't the only one vying for an unexpected supply goldmine."

What I thought?

After the carnage of last week we're back to a peaceful scene in Alexandria, with people getting on with repairing stuff, and the daily run for goods. Rick & Daryl go driving out for supplies, striking seemingly bingo when they find an already stacked up truck, but come across probably the best new character in donkey ages who goes by the name of a well known messiah. It's almost Dukes of Hazard style comedy as this trickster fools Rick/Daryl and steals the truck of goods. Not wanting to give up on all those toilet rolls, condoms and possibly some pasta in the back of the truck, they go tracking the lorry which is trailing a drink's machine that they were attempting to break into before the interruption. They then proceed to sprint down the road following the markings left behind by that dragging soda machine. Quite how they could continue to run at full pace for so long I don't know. Sure, they stop at some point to grab some drink from the discarded soda machine, but there are still legging it, for what must be a world record pace for the 100m until they come across the trickster changing the tyre of the lorry further down the road. 

Minutes later and they have the truck back and leave the guy tied up on the road. Feeling pleased with themselves they find another barn to explore but hear movement on top of the van. That trickster has been catching a ride! Harry Houdini or what?? More dramatic comedy ensues as they all squabble over the lorry. During the battle, in which walkers join, the trickster saves Daryl before eventually is overcome by our Mr Butch and inadvertently knocked out as the lorry ends up in a lake. It's almost comedy and highly amusing stuff, but is this guy for real or one those Wolf people with Negan? After bringing him back to Alexandria for the doctor to look after they lock him away for the night, still unconscious. You just know he'll escape but not for it to happen as it does. With Rick and Michonne "getting it on", Rick is awoken by a voice calling him, which leads to him and his sex machine jumping to attack-mode, fully naked from the night's activities, as the trickster is at the bottom of the bed saying they need to talk. It's a fantastically amusing moment to end an unusually gentle yet entertainingly enjoyable best good's run anyone from this show has ever been on.

Rating 7/10 (GOOD STUFF)

The trickster "bumps" into Rick and Daryl, beginning what was almost a comedy episode.

They might have had zombie exercise, but these guys must be drugged up athletes to sprint for so long after the stolen lorry.

Trickster captured for the first time, but not for long.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Deanna is back! Well, sort of.
Her son has been haunting down her zombie form and finally puts her out of her misery.

The trickster is captured for a second time. You know what comes next though ...
Rick & Michonne get jigging with it.
It's the morning after the night before and all is calm ...
... well hello, it's the trickster!

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