Friday, 4 March 2016

The X-Files S10E02 "Founders Mutation"


"During an investigation into the suicide of a scientist, Mulder and Scully contend with memories of their son William."

What I thought?

Weird one this week. After the rush of last week's reintroduction, its like they've never been away as a new case is immediately being investigated. It doesn't seem right in some respects that everything is so normal and like we're back in the 1990s with no break in the show. Plus, everything from last week seems somewhat forgotten. I found it unsettling that it was all so normal and routine. So, this week we have a DOD employee hearing sounds in his ears, going crazy by it and then stabbing himself in the ears with a letter opener! Yikes. Pretty gross and not a good way to solve any earache. Anyhow, Mulder and Scully as soon investigating as if this was the 195th case they've been on in last few weeks. Stealing the dead guy's phone, Mulder quickly uses the dead guys finger to unlock it. Hopefully it's not auto locking after x seconds! 

As dodgy black-suit guys watch, Mulder meets a friend of the deceased who almost gives him a blowjob, in one of the lighter wtf moments this week. Scully is investigating the body and sees something scribbled on the guys hand. I was so sure the guy was going to do all zombie on us until then. Checking out the deceased's other house, they move around with just flashlights. Couldn't they just turn the lights on? Mulder gets a high pitch sound in ear and a message telling him to find her. 

They're in a hospital a tad later to see a doctor who eventually shows them around lots of children with abnormalities. It's very odd to observe. Even more odd is trying to keep up with wtf is going on. X-files never kept anything simple and this week we have numerous flashbacks to Mulder and Scully and their son William. Guess he'll show up sometime soon as he's got enough of a mention this week. One of the patients at this hospital who they saw is later found dead with her baby missing. Ugh. 

Next they are meeting the doctor's wife, who was quiet and unresponsive for ten minutes before spilling everything on her husband just seconds after saying she didn't want to talk about him!!! That was just plot odd. Even more odd is when they work out via CCTV that the janitor must be killer of deceased and implementing the ear sound thing. They head to his home. Whilst talking to his mother, Mulder gets that ear noise and it's up to Scully to find the boy and show him the gun. Why he then just gives up and doesn't attack her I don't know or understand. Even in car driven away he does nothing but seem very helpful as they revisit the doctor. Mention of Molly the boy's sister's goes wrong when the doctor tries to convince him another girl there is his sister. He legs it, finds Molly, connect with her through the locked door and they shatter all the glass, knock out Scully, throw Mulder and kill the doctor, before getting away. It's a lot to take in, especially how they knew they could shatter glass and do all that stuff. A decent conspiracy but with numerous plot oddities and x-files centric stuff that really muddled and distorted any further enjoyment.

Rating 6/10 (DECENT)

Remember the rule of thumb; nothing bigger than your elbow should go in your ear kids.

Mulder almost got a blowjob this week in one of numerous odd moments.

Scully thinks the knife through the head might have killed the guy. You think?

Why don't they just turn on the lights?

Quiet for 10 minutes, she then spills everything in less than a minute.

Quite why the boy didn't attack Scully with his ear noise stuff I don't know.

Oh, that's nasty, as the Doctor is attacked by the Boy and his sister.

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