Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Eggheads: TOP Jeremy Vine Annoyances

1. The Question is, can they be beaten?

It's not really much of a question that needs answering to anyone who has watched the Eggheads for at least a few weeks. They do get beaten, and have been beaten on numerous occasions. Sure, they don't lose that often but it's not like they are undefeated for years on end.

The question should be, when will they be beaten next?

2. Would you like to try?

No Jeremy, we wouldn't. We came on to this show purely to introduce ourselves, get a few seconds of TV fame and then bugger off home!

What exactly does Jeremy think they will say to answer, other than yes?

A better question would be, are you ready to have a go?

3. The Eggheads look worried

Jeremy is clearly not a psychologist because the Eggheads never look worried, scared or anything negative during this show. They might possibly look like they are having fun, or sometimes positively bored stiff, but worried or scared is certainly never something they look.

4. I wonder who will beat you

He may well wonder, and so do we all, but let's not bill them up as being impregnable because all sorts of people have already beaten them. Probably a better end question would be, When will you lose next?

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