Thursday, 19 May 2016

If Microsoft gave the UWP treatment to the car ...

Coming Soon! 

Microsoft will announce a surprise addition to their ambitious plans to turn everything into a Universal Windows App. Because nothing is sacred and because, quite frankly, they can, Microsoft have released a insider preview of their UWP version of the humble automobile. 

Yes, they’ve given the vehicle we all know and love, which gets us from A to B, the universal treatment, apparently for no good reason at all. Still, what we get to look forward to is a car that will bring a consistent and responsive approach no matter what Windows 10 device it’s used with, be that mobile, PC, HoloLens or Xbox.

Head of Product Development for this new ground-breaking app, Dave R Watson posted on the official Microsoft Windows 10 blog about the excitement the new app generated inside Microsoft. They say it’s incomplete at this early stage but that it’s more than good enough for insiders. They hope to gain initial feedback on what insiders think, if they find any bugs, and if they have any features they’d like to see.

As you can see below, it’s already available in the Store for insiders to download, and yes, if you can spot the obvious elephant in the room issue, we’ve got the reply for Microsoft’s Head of Product Development for you.

“Yes, we know it’s missing all its wheels ..., “explained Dave slyly. “… We hope to literally roll out its tyres in a future update. However, we didn’t think that would get in the way of insiders getting an early look and an opportunity to wander around what is a responsive and feature-rich interior.”

If you want to get hold of this app it’s up now in the store although the initial release is listed to have only the following features:
  • Edit the interior of your car.
  • Easily share your car’s engine, seats and other internal luxuries with friends and family.
  • Upload your car to Sway or Photos app.
  • Live Tile (see live values from your car's air-con!)
  • A universal app that’s responsive across all your Windows 10 devices.
Of course, it didn’t take very long for insiders to try out this new universal app and start up voting via the feedback hub what they want to see.

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