Saturday, 23 July 2016

BBC+ App - Is it pointless?

The BBC+ App was launched recently, recieiving a posting on the BBC Internet Blog here…/entries/aa4145c2-d9ab-491f-9747-0b12… and an opportunity for me and a few others to have our 2ps worth.
Here's what I said:
Good points
The App is solid and well built. Looks neat and tidy. Content is "ok".
Bad Points
Sadly the app feels largely pointless. The idea for this app probably sounded great in a meeting room but in practice it doesn't deliver enough. If someone had no other BBC app, then this app would be great to see what's on across the BBC but if you have news, sport and iplayer apps, this app just reproduces them all in a less informative and sophisticated fashion.
The app is solidly built but the only use i can find for it is to get an idea of what's going on with the areas of bbc that don't get much coverage. A whole app for just that? I don't quite get it. Anyone who loves this app but had no other BBC app is likely to install the other BBC apps and get rid of this app. It'll be pointless though to have news, tv, sport, radio and this app.
There's room for this app but it needs to have no replication of other BBC app material.
Over on the Google Play Store, it's somehow got a 3.2 average rating, although for the most part it seems most agree with me ... 

One needs to give this app time to develop. There's nothing wrong with it's build quality, its the content that's the issue. One shall have to see how it develops.

Be interested to hear what others think ...

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