Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Windows 10 Telemetry Documentation Latest

This document lists the main changes I've noticed in the latest version of Microsoft's telemetry documentation, which is dated 26th July 2016.

Disclaimer: I'm only human, and also dyslexic. I try my best to read and write accurately but I make mistakes and my enthusiasm can sometimes cloud fact. This is also a hobby, not a job. Please do check documentation yourself to be sure I've got things right.

My Summary

Only one change in this latest update and it's the inclusion of a new section entitled "Insights into your organisation".

This is obviously more ammunition to convince organizations to leave telemetry turned on but not looking just at the knock-on benefits for organisations, by way of telemetry improving Windows. Now, it's about how that telemetry data comes straight back to the organisations by way of analytics. It's undoubtedly a tempting prospect, especially if the organization has no current data inventory technology in place, such as SCCM. I'm sure Microsoft will make the data look nice and useful but how much value it'll add if you have SCCM I'm not sure, or if it's enough to warrant turning on telemetry.

It might just be the start of some extra analytics that'll convince organizations to think seriously about telemetry as I'm sure there's much more to come in this area of bringing telemetry back to the organisations. Will it lead to a Telemetry Client Dashboard? If so, it might just get closer to delivering what I think Microsoft should have delivered in first place, which is a way to monitor and control closely what the telemetry client is up to on each PC.

List of Changes to 'Configure Windows telemetry in your organization' documentation

NEW - Section on "Insights into your organisation"

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