Saturday, 15 October 2016

Star Wars Rebels S03E03 "The Antilles Extraction"


"Sabine goes undercover as a cadet in the Empire's elite flight academy to help break out several young pilots who want to defect to the rebellion."

What I thought?

After last week's excellent and dramatic episode, you might think that this week would be a little quieter? Well, guess what? Yes, it was. Lol.

Let's face it, all this episode was about was essentially Wedge. Yes, that star wars household name that we see in the films and hear Luke waffle about. Well, this week Wedge is one of the Empire cadets whom Sabine infiltrates the Empire to break out. How she gets into the academy, wearing full cadet costume and with valid ID card, is lost to us all as it's never explained, although I guess the new Fulcrum helped out. Yes, there's a new one in town. Well, loads of them as it seems. It's their codeword which they seem to have taken great liberties to use a lot of for other secret rebel cells. Why not change the words a bit? Oh well. Anyhow, whilst Sabine is strutting her stuff, the only sub-story here is Ezra being taught some patience in the rebel ship that's waiting nearby to assist Sabine. No, I don't mean the card game, I mean the Jedi skill of patience. Anyhow, if Sabine's entrance into Empire territory and was straightforward, how she finds the pilots who want to break out is even more straightforward and quick. One nice sympathetic conversation with Wedge, and he's told her who else is with him and they are planning their escape ... of which Sabine doesn't appear to have much of a plan.

To add spice, Thawn's sidekick senior official lady, who's name escapes me, arrives with Kallis as they've had a tip off too. One simple trick later and Sabine and two of the escapees are prisoners. A kick-ass fight to get away again by Sabine is very impressive, which combined with Kallis's rather "Where did that come from" helpful assistance to aid her escape, and not long later they've joined up with the Rebel shuttle and chop's away, the rebels have two new recruits. Yes, one recruit got killed earlier, which was rather predictable for the unfortunate extra. Ok, so I know why Kallis helped, but it did lack any real build up. He just appeared from nowhere and told them how to get away. Here's hoping that isn't the last of Kallis helping the rebels. I rather think not.

Overall, this was an ok episode. Some great visuals of the Empire Academy and insides of Tie-Fighters, but the sole reason of breaking out recruits seemed so heavily weighed in on Wedge that it lost much tension as we all know he gets out ok.

Good = Kallis repaying the favour to Zeb, Sabine's aggressive escape, and some further insight into Empire environments.

Not so good = Sabine's all rather too fluid entry into the academy, and quick escape (yes, there was help, but still) as well as it all being far too heavily centred on Wedge. I mean, they did call the episode after him as well! Jeez.

Rating 6/10 (Good)

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