Saturday, 3 December 2016

Star Wars Rebels S03E10 "An Inside Man"

"Seeking information on a new Imperial weapon, Ezra and Kanan infiltrate the Imperial factory on Lothal, but they must trust an unlikely ally to escape a lockdown of the building."

What I thought

Well, this is considerably better than most of Series 3 so far but no where near as fun as last week, although I don't really want every episode to be a comedy like the previous episode was. This week was much tamer and a return for Thrawn to continue his long calculating game of learning and luring the Rebels into a deadly trap. Thankfully he was much more prominent than any usual token "This is all my plan" scene, as he had lots of screen time and some interesting reveals into his nature, including deliberately luring a mechanic to his death, ousting another dodgy mechanic as a traitor, and showing us a room full of his calculating clues that he's learned. There were so many graphics in his office relating to the Rebels, you can see that Thrawn is seriously doing his homework, and that can't be good for the Rebels. There was even an old Jedi Temple guard mask in his room! How the heck did he get that? I didn't study everything he'd gathered but it certainly looked highly insightful into all our Rebel character's past and personality. I'm expecting some serious problems at the end of the season for Ezra and the gang. For all this to pay off, someone has to either be permanently captured at the end or die on the Rebels side, or Thrawn becomes just another numpty Imperial commander.

Like a Star Wars boomerang, we were back on Lothal again, where there's even more of an Imperial presence lurking overhead. What is it about that planet? As we've seen numerous times before, but not this series for obvious reasons, it was the Ezra and Kanan show this week. Now, as much as I love these two together, there's a big problem here. Let's start with the biggest issue, and that of Kanan's lack of eyesight. I totally get he can sense the force and that guides him, but in this episode he's running around building tops, walking around corridors unaided, jumping off buildings and doing lots of things on the side of a speeding transporter. This is a lot to take in. What's worse, it gets absolutely no mention about his lack of eyesight and his use of the force. He even takes off his stolen imperial helmet several times as if that makes any difference to him? Even Kallus said nothing when he saw Kanan. I can appreciate Kanan using the force to guide him and sense things but it takes a lot to believe everything we see him get up to now and to have zero reference to his visual health.

On the plus side, Kallus outs himself as Fulcrum to Kanan and Ezra, who aren't immediately convinced. Thankfully Chopper is, who seems to have formed an instant relationship with Kallus. LOL. The interaction afterwards between the four is enjoyable, not least that Kanan and Ezra enjoy beating Kallus up in order to make their collaboration less obvious. Some great dialogue moments there. It's a shame that Kallus being Fulcrum wasn't unveiled in a more dramatic manner but this will do. Unfortunately for Kallus, I'm more than sure that Thrawn has figured it all out, which would have to be the case for a man of his standing. The closing dialogue between him and Kallus was very suggestive, leading me to believe that if anyone isn't going to see Series 4, it's likely to be Kallus.

It was great to see the inners of an Imperial factory, and a look into a top secret room where Chopper stole the plans for a new TIE-fighter ... which has shields! Yikes! Now this is interesting. I admit, I thought it might be related to the Death Star but alas no. No Rogue One tie-in yet. But seriously, how many times is Chopper painted like an imperial droid going to trick the Empire? Some better security protocols with droids and pretty much the Empire could rule for ever!

All in all, this was a decent episode if you excuse some of the totally ridiculous things Kanan & Ezra got away with within the Imperial base. Think I have to take that as cartoon candy, but combined with the lack of any gravity to Kanan's lack of eyesight, my rating for the episode slips a little. Thrawn was awesome and certainly a lot more menacing this week, and the reveal of a secret new TIE fighter is making for more intrigue going forward.

What I liked

Great to see Kanan & Ezra back as a team. Inside scenery of an Imperial manufacturing facility was amazing, Loved Thrawn's calculating manner and his room of clues, plus Kallus revealing himself as Fulcrum and his interaction with Kanan & Ezra. And ... there's this new secret imperial ship!

What I didn't like

Ok, this blind Kanan thing now is ridiculous and totally underplayed. Again, the legs of Imperial walkers being chopped off so easily annoys me, as does Kanan & Ezra's Imperial base antics.

Rating 6/10 (Good)

Thrawn's ruthlessness shocked a lot of people, including me.

Ok, I just can't stop being annoyed about how easy this is.

Kanan seems to have no problem in any aspect this week with his lack of eyesight.

These helmets don't seem to provide any protection if one punch is all it takes to knock them out.

Loved the inside of this room!

Thrawn's room of clues is very intriguing

Loved the enjoyment Kanan & Ezra got beating up Kallus.

Here's Ezra and Kanan zipping around Imperial Walkers as if they were made of chocolate.

The rebels steal the plans, but not for the Death Star.

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