Thursday, 8 December 2016

The Curse of Oak Island S04E02


"Rick and Marty Lagina investigate a mysterious 'Hatch' which may be a secret entrance to an underground treasure tunnel on Oak Island."

What I thought

Here we go again. Only the second episode in and it feels like we’re wading through Oak Island's muddy marsh and getting nowhere quick. Nothing much really happened this week in terms of progress on the actual island. After letting one of the gang loose on the newly discovered “hatch” section of sunken ground, they then decided to call in an expert. Right, so start digging first huh? Hmm. Anyhow, the expert arrived and took a look. He seemed to believe it’s possibly man-made due to the nature of 3 of the walls seeming solid. Next they have to contact the authorities before any meaningful archaeological work can begin. Well, that makes a change from getting the diggers in right?

Aside from a segment where plans for how to proceed with the upcoming big operation in the money pit, most of the episode took place 20 miles north, back at the suspected castle by the Knights of Templar ... and that well. The Lagina brothers obviously funded this as they called in a diver to go down the well to see what he could see. Turns out there are some symbols on some of the stones on the way down; there’s a triangular symbol and another arrow like one that’s apparently quite significant. Not much could be discovered at the bottom due to sediment being kicked up, which makes me wonder what the diver was expecting to happen if you go down a well and kick around the bottom? Seems the base might not be solid though.

Away from all the exploration and mysteries, the episode ended with a long segment about the discovery of Fred Nolan’s passing. I genuinely felt as sad as the gang on this one. No matter what previous differences anyone had had with Fred and the recent making up of relationships, it was a very sad moment. That guy had ploughed his life into that island and made lots of discoveries but still didn’t have the answers. I truly hope the Lagina brothers don’t end up also with many questions that go unanswered. 

Rating 5/10 (OK)

Rick helps organise a plan for the big money pit operation. This is going to lead to some serious transformation of the area, including a new temporary road and hardcore.

Is it a hatch? Is it manmade? Who knows! So, they let Jack loose and he starts digging it up.

Then they decide to call in the experts!
Time to send a diver (not suited up in this photo) down the well.

First up he finds a triangular symbol on one of the rocks.

Further down the well there's another arrow like symbol.

Sad news ends the episode regarding the passing of Fred Nolan.

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