Friday, 9 December 2016

The Curse of Oak Island S04E03


"The Lagina brothers find evidence of what could be an ancient shipwreck in the Oak Island swamp."

What I thought

We begin with some of the gang returning from Fred Nolan's funeral. There's a nice little extra tribute to the great Oak Island explorer before we return to the meat of the show and see Rick and Nick checking out the progress at the Money Pit which is becoming a pit once more as huge chunks of earth are shifted about, and space is created by clearing trees. It's a little hard to watch for tree huggers but, whilst walking about, Rick finds some interesting pottery that both he and Nick think has a symbol etched into it. I'm unsure on this but later on in the show they call in an expert! Blimey! This is a revolution. An expert you say? The geologist gives more information about the object and also supports their theory that the marking looks recent although the segment is cut short before we get to really hear anymore.

Away from the money pit, most of the show is spent in the swamp with the Lagina Brothers playing sailors in a dingy as Jack and a diver look to make sense of what a deep radar sweep months ago reported. If you are doing a drinking game for the show, I hope you don't have the word 'hit' on the list because you'll be passed out from alcohol poisoning after this episode. The first hit they find, based on the radar results, is an old Frank Nolan metallic marker for one of the tree stumps under the swamp. However, the second hit is more interesting, because they don't actually find the target, but instead pick up a long 18ft piece of wood. Seems the actual target is probably deeper than the manual detector that the diver is carrying can go. What we do find out at the end of the show is that carbon dating suggests that plank is roughly dated 1680-1730 which goes some way to supporting theories about their being a ship under the swamp.

It's not the most revealing episode, but with some supporting evidence that the radar survey brings back accurate results, that there is something else historical down the swamp, and that a piece of pottery might be significant, it's safe to say there's a tad more tangible results this week.

Rating 5/10 (OK)

Strolling about the money pit excavations, Hawk-eye Rick finds some pottery ...

I'm not highly convinced, but they are, that this piece of pottery they just happened to find has something significant etched into it.

That swamp looks cold and uninviting, so that's probably why the Lagina brothers stay on the boat.

There's that 17th century piece of wood they found

The geologist arrives to look at that piece of pottery, and other objects which we don't get to find out about.

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