Saturday, 10 December 2016

The Curse of Oak Island S04E04


Rick and Marty Lagina begin their search for a centuries-old treasure vault in the Money Pit.

What I thought

Now this is more like it. Ok, there's not a lot of conclusive stuff here but it's highly evident that things are happening all over the shop. First up, the Lagina brothers assign Alex and Jim to go with some historians to hit the town of Halifax in search of the original massive stone that was found deep down the money pit but has been missing for a 100 years. They first visit the shop where it used to be on display as a way of fundraising back in very early 1900s. Then the shop closed down and hey presto, the stone went missing. It's clearly not there now so not sure why they went looking around that place but they met another historian there who said he'd heard rumours it might have been left to the nearby Halifax Club house, so off troop the roving four. At this impressively sized house the four walk in, even though it's clearly in the process of being renovated, and they start looking about. Umm, trespassing laws? Two workmen turn up to ask what they are doing and seem to take the news quite well, considering the boys just intruded on the building. I think some scenes were cut here or they knew they were coming. They go down the basement to explore and find nothing of any significance despite a few "hey look here" and "What's that?" moments. Still, it is obvious progress, and I feel confident they can track down this slab's current resting place.

Back at Oak Island, another smaller stone is uncovered as a lady related to previous explorers of the island returns to show the brothers the '1704' stone as it's called, which is a stone with 1704 carved into it. It was found down by the shore years ago. Unsure if she was returning it or just showing it off but she had been back to island before recently and given some diaries that were written, by I think her father and his brother, before tragedy stopped their excavations. It was really good to see something that gets mentioned in Oak Island books shown on TV and back where it should be. That same section of the shore was also being scanned geophysics style this episode in order to find where the original tunnels were that connected to the money pit and supplied its bobby trapped water source. They found something that may be a tunnel and will be used to do future excavations there.

Back at the Money pit and the seriously heavy machinery arrives and begins to drill down into the ground. There's a lot of money and manpower going into this which is impressive in terms of stature and the money behind it (some 2 million they keep saying). I really hope it pays off.

Rating: 7/10 (Very Good)

The boys hit the town of Halifax

They take photos of walls in basements ...

They tease us with classic Oak Island "What is this?" moments but actually find nothing.
These workers at the Halifax Club Building seriously looked initially annoyed that the boys just started walking around the place.
The beach with the booby trap water tunnels is given the geophysics treatment
The 1704 stone is ... a stone .. with 1704 carved in it.

"Wait? There's a tunnel over there? Why haven't we investigated this before?" Asks one of the Lagina brothers. Good point.

Serious machinery. Serious money. Serious times at the money pit.

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