Saturday, 17 December 2016

The Curse of Oak Island S04E05


Rick and Marty Lagina believe they have finally located an ancient treasure vault in the money pit.

What I thought

Well, it's hard to take much from this episode, much like it is getting blood from a stone. We had three key areas getting time: the money pit excavation, journalist Randall Sullivan's return and a brief return to the hatch. Out of the three, the only one we really learned anything new from was the hatch, which in the few minutes that Rick and a couple of the boys returned to this feature in the ground, they hammered a metal stake into several areas of the pit. The conclusion? They believed it only went down a foot. Perhaps there is no hatch or perhaps the pit was the bottom of the hatch? Either way, they seem to have given up on the hatch for now. Where the previous plan to apply for a permit to do archaeological dig on it has gone, I don't know.

A large portion of the episode was given to Randall Sullivan who is an investigative journalist and wrote a piece on Oak Island about 12 years ago. He's back to write a book. There's lots of chit-chat between him and various members of the gang. It's hard to believe they didn't know why he was returning but maybe I'm cynical. Either way, I have a feeling he'll write a very informative book as he seems to know a fair bit already about the history of the island, although he doesn't really buy the island having buried treasure theory.

Speaking of buried stuff, the rest of the episode sees Rick, Marty and some of the gang idly watching the large dill piece go ever slowly down into the money pit. As it edges closer to the supposed depth of the vault, the "will it find anything or not?" question goes around like musical chairs. Meanwhile, Jack and Jim are elsewhere going through the "spoils" of earth already extracted with a metal detector. They find something "interesting" (largely as they don't know what the object is) and lots of old wood from previous excavations. Right at the end of the episode, the drill finally returns some wood and Rick/Marty have a friendly debate on what to do next. Marty wants to bash down further. Rick wants to pause and think. I find it hard to think they didn't discuss this beforehand? They have spent $2million on this operation and they didn't discuss what to do when the drill reached the vault?? Jeez.

Rating 5/10 (OK)

Jack is let loose with his favourite toy over the "spoils" returned from drilling down the Money Pit

Randal Sullivan returns to Oak Island

Rick and Jack hammer into the vault

Oak Island version of watching paint dry ... but they did finally bring up wood.

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