Thursday, 29 December 2016

The Curse of Oak Island S04E06


The Laginas decide to move their Money Pit operation in hopes of finding a strange golden object.

What I thought

Just when you thought watching a large metallic cylindrical object being drilled into the earth can’t go on for any longer, we’ve plenty more watching around to be done. First up though, the gang are in the War Room trying to decide on something you’d really think they’d have thought about months ago; what will they do when they reach their target in the Money Pit? There’s a lot of mystery on this island but there’s also plenty of bafflement I get from the decision making of the gang. Perhaps it’s the way the show is edited? Anyhow, they decide to do a flushing test of sorts down the current pipe that's just reached the target deep in the ground. This way it’ll flush out some of the "treasure" down the "vault". When they use the grappling gun like device to scoop up whatever was brought up from the bottom of the pipe, they find wood. This time not fragments but big thick beams, but wait, there are markings down the side. After taking them to see Dan Blankenship, he confirms they are circular saw marks, which would mean this wood couldn’t be that old. Are they even drilling in the right location? Hmmm. Anyhow, their next decision regarding the money pit is to start drilling another hole where they saw a “shiny object” in a test hole. Let’s hope they find something after all the millions spent on this operation.

Meanwhile, back on another plot of the island called Lot 6, Alex and Jack have a metal detector in their possession, but in a first this season, Jack isn’t playing with it. They’ve called in a metal detecting expert! Well, shut the front door! After all this time, an expert? Why haven’t they called one in before? Anyhow, this guy is super good with his piece of kit and together they find a chain, a ring and a coin. There’s not a lot of excitement to go on here as the chain doesn’t look amazingly old to me, the ring may not even be a ring but part of something else, and the coin, well, we can’t even see the face of it so it might be 1900s for all we know. Still, these are results and add to the mystery that is history.

Rating: 5/10 (OK)

The gang put their cards on the table, but haven;t got any, so they all place their arms.

How many people with hard hats does it take to decide on if wood is wood? 

Hold on to your seats, the guy on the right at the front is an expert.

It's a coin, but we don't get to even see a closeup of it sadly.

Where there's island, there's drilling.

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