Saturday, 31 December 2016

The Curse of Oak Island S04E07


As Rick and Marty begin a second massive dig in the money pit, evidence of a shipwreck in the swamp may have been found.

What I Thought 

We’ve seen one large cylindrical shaft being drilled into the Money Pit. Now, we see the second one. In a classic move for this show, it’s edited so that we see all the beginnings, but when it gets to the drill piece actually grabbing whatever is at the base of the shaft, the credits go up and we’re left to wait another week. Thankfully though, there are other things going on this episode.

The swamp is well and truly drained this week. Pipes are laid all over the place. By the end, it’s amazing how dry that swamp is. Maybe a bit muddy but it dries out like a towel on a clothes line in summer. i.e. very quickly. Hard to tell how long it took to drain due to the editing though. Marty is in the digger and they are making a trench back where they got a hit on the metal detector a few weeks back when the diver guy pulled up that long plank of wood. Jack is let loose with his toy again, getting well and truly muddy, but they find absolutely nothing. They then call in the metal detecting expert from recent episodes. Quite why they didn’t do that in the first place I don’t know. They don’t even get him to check the trench, but instead he goes over the whole swamp in which the trench has been filled back in by now. There is some success though as he finds a nail. Yes, a nail. But not your average one but a ruddy big one which resembles a peg. The expert says that he believes it’s the same kind of nail used in building ships back in 1700s or there about. One more piece of evidence for the swamp sunken ship theory.

Randall is back this week, as him and Jim are off in a nearby town in the genealogical centre looking up old owners of Oak Island. It looks like no one has bothered to do this before, which is quite baffling! Anyhow, they find an old map which labels “Kidd’s Treasure” on Oak Island and read a written statement from a chap who on his deathbed said he witnessed Kidd’s gang burying the treasure on Oak Island.

Certainly there’s more evidence to fuel myths and rumours about Oak Island, but the search for concrete proof goes on. We all really need to see something tangible, and soon.

Rating 6/10 (OK)

A long series of pipes are laid to drain the swamp

Swamp is impressively dry after draining

Jack loves his toys and getting muddy!

Randall and Jim does what seems to be rare for this show: research.

Some guy's statement adds to myth about buried treasure on Oak Island.

Hey Jack, now this is how you do metal detecting!

The second hole nears completion in Money Pit

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