Saturday, 14 January 2017

The Curse of Oak Island S04E08


The Lagina brothers find important evidence linking an 18th century American slave to the Oak Island mystery.

What I thought

When we left last week the hammer grabber was about to scoop up what’s at the bottom of the second hole they’ve drilled in the pit but this week we start up with sending a camera down the hole - nice continuity. The water is reasonably clear but there’s little exciting to be seen, unless bland stones and a very dark lower section are your thing. There’s some suggestion that some of the rocks look like they were hand carved but really, they are grasping at straws if you ask me. Sure, there was wood down there but was it from below the bedrock they drilled through into this cavity or did it come down from above? No one seems to mention that possibility. The hammer grabber brings up plenty of sludge in the form of clay in which the gang find bits of wood and marvel at a piece of the cavity. Sadly, there’s diddly squat discovered. What’s next? Well, it’s time to call on the crazy duo of divers, led by John Chatterton. We saw him last season do the craziest tight squeeze down another deep hole in 10X. It’s almost 5 minutes of TV to simply tell us that he’s agreed to dive in the Money Pit. Naturally that will be in next week’s episode.

Randall Sullivan is back in the War Room this week to spin yet another theory that someone has come up with for Oak Island. We must be up to 4,891 different speculative stories by now, right? This one centres on Sir Francis Fagan and that he brought the original works of Shakespeare to Oak Island, and possibly had links to the Oak Island myth favourites: the knights of the Templar. Everyone in the War Room loves a speculative theory, so naturally Randall gets the nod to go investigate.

If you watch this show hoping for tangible evidence, you’ll often be disappointed but the man with the golden touch of metal detectors, Gary Drayton, is back in Plot 24 with Jim Blankenship. Gary could get excited about a tin can ring you feel. Anyhow, they find a handful of genuinely interesting items this week in several coins of King George II (early 1700s), some lead that was use in musket guns and a tag from a gun with some writing etched into it. This all links to a military camp being on Oak Island way back, which would rewrite history if confirmed.

Overall, a very bland episode, much like watching paint dry down a cavity in the Money Pit but redeemed by the finds in Plot 24.

Rating: 6/10

The water down there is very clear. I suppose because it's freshly being pushed in via the cavity?

This is man made, they suggest. Maybe, but it could be natural.

Gary digs up coins for fun on Oak Island. Wonder if they'll work in slot machines?

When I see writing, I get super excited!

A very good lot of finds for super detector ninja, Gary.

You'd almost expect someone to try making pottery with all this clay.

Who'd be crazy enough to dive down the Money Pit? Oh ... these guys would.

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