Sunday, 22 January 2017

The Curse of Oak Island S04E09


We get more sonar treatment down 10X and return to C1 in the money pit for multiple dives.

What I thought

The majority of the episode is dedicated to the one thing that’s defined the whole season; the money pit. Before we get to that ,we get a trip down memory lane, as the chap who did a sonar of the bottom of 10X back in 2014 returns to do another follow-up. When John Chatterton dived down there he found nothing. Zilch. Zero. Absolutely diddly squat, which is surprising considering this same guy gave a 90% degree of certainty that there was a wooden box. John Chatterton did find an object but said it was a rock. Today’s follow-up sonar is to see if the box has moved since the dive. Lo and behold, it is gone on the recent sonar, suggesting it is either covered in silt or, well, there weren’t any real conclusions. Marty and Rick are at odds over 10X with Rick still believing that there is something there, based on gut feeling (which is never a good thing to go on) and past evidence. I feel that might be it for 10X this season anyways.

Back to 1C in the Money pit and John Chatterton and co are back for more diving. First up they send down a new sonar piece of equipment which is using the colour of the moment; blue. Everyone is talking about blue light, although I expect that’s not the same thing here but it does give a lovely 360 degree sweep of the cavity at the bottom of 1C. I have to say, I couldn’t make head of tail out of the result, which looks more like a rainbow that’s been blown up and scattered all over the screen to me, rather than anything like the inside of a cavity. Anyhow, they all like it, reckon it’s at least 7ft high, and good enough for a dive. Down goes 'John Chatterton the brave', and he concludes that aside from being really silty at the bottom, that there’s little water flow and that the rocks look rough and cut. There’s also further suggestion of a tunnel extending off in one direction. This all seems very familiar right? We had this a few years back and it turned out to be nothing! Anyhow, John comes up, and another guy goes down. This chap has a metal detector and makes multiple hits. What has he found? Is it buried treasure? His helmet? Or the lost city of gold? There’s lots of questions thrown up by the narrator, but like in every good episode of Oak Island, the credits start rolling and we’re left to wonder for another week if this is just another Oak Island red herring or something that’s finally a tangible a substantive find.

Rating 6/10

Fire torpedos! The sonar is back down 10X.

Spot the difference? Yes, the year has change, but also the black "box". 

Down 1C we send the BlueView Radar which looks like an impressive piece of kit, and expensive right?
I'd expect a better graphic from such new technology. I've little clue what I'm looking at.

They've brought in their own decompression chamber! Blimey. $$$$$$$s

Down go the divers into 1C; this one is John Chatterton himself.

Yup, once again silt is everywhere and we see very little except the credits roll.

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