Saturday, 28 January 2017

The Curse of Oak Island S04E10


The Oak Island team returns to borehole 10-X in search of new clues.

What I thought

This week we start off where we annoyingly finished the last episode, which is deep down C1 in the Money Pit and the “revelation” of “hits” with the metal detector by current diver Mike Huntley. He was super confident that there were at least three hits, and that it wasn’t his watch or instrumentation, which you’d think they’d long been experienced enough to know the difference between. With his allotted time up for his dive (which I think is only 30 minutes) he begins the return to the surface. Thankfully, and unusually for this show, we are spared them dramatizing the unremarkable as we see Mike now out of the long tube and raving about his hits. I could have slapped him three times and got a little satisfaction because when chief diver John Chatterton then goes down C1 he finds diddly-squat. Worse than that, he could hardly see anything, and neither could we. But the news was to get even worse. Oh yeah. Because after numerous dives and huge money spent on these two large excavation shafts in the Money Pit, the debriefing by the diving crew led to the revelation that they don’t believe the cavity is man-made. After all that? Naturally the build up by the production team had really capitalised on everything leading up to the dives, even that they might discover world peace down the bottom of the Money Pit (ok, I lied on that one) but alas the Lagina brothers turn up absolutely nothing. Although, there’s still the question of the shinny objects they saw previously and which they seem to suggest are embedded in the bedrock. Why would they be in the rock? They would be man made in a natural cavity? Oh I dunno sometimes what to think.

After the debrief, there’s a “Knights of Oak Island” meeting as the stakeholders in the island all gather for a chat; the Lagina brothers, the Blankenships, and the other guy whose name escapes me right now. The toss up is on what to do next. Apparently there are financial constraints now, which is no surprise after you spend millions digging up random holes in the Money Pit, right?? Jeez. Anyhow, will they dig another hole in the Money Pit or revisit 10X? Without any clear indication of where to dig in the pit, I don’t know why they invested so much, but alas everyone finally agrees to do both. Yup, to hell with money. It’s only, ummm, money. We end the episode with an extraction of 10X with water being pumped down and up the hole to pull any “spoils” into a large skip. Sure enough, we’re left to sigh as the credits roll up and we’re as empty handed as the Lagina brothers.

However, between the uneventful tales of C1 and 10X, we had Rick and Charles Barkhouse go on a jolly trip many miles away to meet up with everyone’s favourite Oak Island historian, Terry Deveau, who has been wondering about Canada looking like a scary chap and found a large stone. Nothing remarkable there you say, but this one has been shaped by man (allegedly) to look like a human face. If not for the overlay graphics and pointers I’d have not noticed it for ages. I see what he is saying and he may be right, but due to my lack of geology knowledge, I’m unsure if I’m that willing to totally accept what he says as definitive just yet. He believes the carving was done an Indian tribe, who were resident in Canada before the whole of Europe invaded (sort of, kind of). Apparently this tribe worshipped a god whom many believe was a Knight of the Templar and thus we have another link to Oak Island because not only is this stone face pointing at Oak Island but a similar stone was found back on the island in the middle of “Nolan’s Cross”. I dunno how frequent these stones are in Canada to really grasp the significance of this, or if it’s nothing more than just something the tribe liked to do in numerous locations. It is, unlike C1, something more tangible that we can visualise and draw conclusions from thankfully.

So, overall, more mystery added to the endless supply that there is on Oak Island, but yet more grasping at straws and money being thrown about without any results, although at least 10X has actually produced evidence in the past. Here's hoping ...

Rating 5/10 (OK)

Mike is up from the shaft and glowing like he's seen gold.

Down goes John to check out what Mike saw ...

Much like the view on John's headcam, he draws a blank down C1.

A keen artist, John plays pictionary with the team.

Actually, he's drawing the layout of the C1 cavity.

Terry is back and he's got something significant to show Rick and Charles.

Yes, it's a stone. A big one.

Not just that, it's a stone with a carved face on it.

In the War Room, the gang discuss how to spend more incredible amounts of money.

Things are happening at 10X again. But what will they find?

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