Saturday, 4 February 2017

The Curse of Oak Island S04E11


Rick travels to the Franklin D Roosevelt library to find out why the former president was so interested in Oak Island, 10X spoils are assessed and there’s a setback in Smith’s Cove.

What I thought

We left last week with the spoils of 10X being air-sucked up into a big container, and here we began this week. A minor obstruction in the pipe aside, the spoils were all harvested and the water drained from this enormous container thing, which resembled a rubbish skip. In fact, at the end of the operation, all that was left was a grainy layer of sludge which the gang then had to shovel up to be taken away by Jake “multiple hits” Begley to examine. Just before that, Jim found a bone, which is a little odd to find several hundred foot down a shaft. It looked very much like a chicken bone to me but as my knowledge of animal bones is limited to occasional KFC meals, it could belong to anything. Jack we see later going through the spoils on a table comprised of a wire mesh. Apparently, he spent days going through all that mud. Didn’t see the metal detector though that I’m sure Jack sleeps next to this time. The actual mesh doesn’t look that narrow and he uses a hose on whatever he finds that sprays out water at a torrential strength. Oh well, I supposed they know what they are doing, right? Well, anyway. Back in the war room they show the collection of wood that Jack found to Dan who is adamant that it’s not from his operations in 10X a few decades ago. Time to send all that all to actual experts then.

A change of location this week as the gang head down to Smith’s Cove where back in 1909 treasure hunters claimed to find boxed flood channels that fed the booby trap in the Money Pit. In order to confirm they actually existed, a guy is called in who operates a DIY Dam contraption. It’ll be put around the area in a semi-circle and the water will get pumped out so the gang can take a closer look below. Well, that was the plan but the dam material fails spectacularly. I couldn’t help but feel sorry for the guy operating it, who looked genuinely devastated. He’s done this same operation 100 times without failure so it’s said. Not to worry, as the Lagina’s have wads of cash, so this operation will resume at a later date.

It’s the return of Paul Troutman this week, an historian who loves researching Oak Island. For some reason he assembles everyone in the War Room and then invites Rick to the Franklin D Roosevelt library in NY which is where Rick and Alex later head. This is an impressive facility with millions of material in terms of books, letters and photos. Here the three of them go through some of the former President’s letters and find out that FDR believed the French Crown Jewels were buried at Oak Island. So, that’s another theory then to add to the other long list of them huh?

Overall, we had glimpses of new material this week from 10X, a botched operation at Smith's Cove and some FDR revelations which all combined to give some satisfaction viewing.

Rating 6/10

This is exploration Oak Island style: Sifting through mud from 10X.

"Jack, we've found a bone!"
"I'll get my metal detector on it right away," says Jack.

If there's anything tedious to be done, Jack is on it, as he goes through the 10X spoils.

Sniff, Sniff.
"It's wood", says Dan, revealing his amazing powers of smell.

I really felt sad for this guy. He was devastated when his dam failed.

Smith's Cove and the failed dam.

Does anyone look where they're going on these shows?

At the FDR museum, Rick & Alex get away from the tedious jobs at Oak Island and perform more tedious work by reading endless material.

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