Thursday, 9 February 2017

The Curse of Oak Island S04E12


The team decide on where to drill hole 3 in the Money Pit, and return to Smith’s Cove for the second attempt to excavate part of the area.

What I thought

Having spent the latter half of last episode in the RDF Library in New York, Rick is still in the Big Apple having a skype call with his brother to fill him in on Paul Troutman’s library finds. Looks like a nice plush hotel Rick is staying at. Well, if anyone knows how to spend money, it’s him. Anyhow, he and Paul actually look at saving time and money by calling in on fellow New Yorker, Zena Halpern. Not sure who she is? Well, she’s the historian who was on the phone to the Oak Island gang a few weeks back who had the old Templar maps that led the gang to finding the hatch – or, as it’s better named, the ditch. She goes into even more detail about the Knight’s Templar, including a record from hundreds of years ago where a lady said she knew items were buried in he Oak Island area. It’s basically spinning another theory without any real ‘x marks the spot’ tangible information. The maps are really amazing. I just hope they are truly authentic.

Crash, bang, wallop, what a dam, what a photograph. Yes, we’re back in Smith’s Cove after last week’s disaster. Even sadder, last week’s Dam expert isn’t back. We’ve got a new guy in town. I really hope last episode’s guy isn’t too traumatised. This dam is also white and inflates without a hitch. Even more amazing, they’ve got Laird Nivin, an historian and bona fida archaeologist in attendance. Yes, an expert! After draining the section of cove, they are all digging with shovels and JCB, where Laird identifies the various layers of sediment which is likely man-made. Near the end of the segment they find lots of wood. This isn’t the box tunnels they are looking for, but likely a previous excavation years ago that went looking for the box tunnels. Either way, it’s great to see a plan working and finding something tangible.

We then get a Royal Rumble of sorts in Dan Blankenship’s basement, which is nothing short of a treasure trove of Oak Island knowledge. Dan, son Jim, Craig Tester, Rick and Marty all spend time looking through documents of previous excavations in the money pit in order to decide where to spend even more money on a third hole/shaft. Did they not do this research before the first two holes? If they did, they might have not wasted so much money and episode time for us watching drills, people standing around and awful viewing conditions in cavities. They argue about where is best to drill but after the advert break they seem to have agreed without us actually seeing who won the verbal battle and how. There’s an X drawn in the money pit and the drilling team start up their equipment. For the umpteenth time, the narrator goads us over what they might find down below. I really could slap him sometimes ...

Rating 6/10
Rick enjoys the high-life in NY

Zena regurgitates her fascinating Knights Templar findings 

Yay! Second time lucky, as the inflatable dam works.

Metal detector-less, Jack points out wooden beams in the cove.

The gang actually do some research before deciding where to drill hole 3 in the Money pit.

X marks the spot for hole 3.

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