Saturday, 25 February 2017

The Curse of Oak Island S04E14


We’re well and truly stuck at the Money Pit this week, feeling as disappointed and fed up as Marty is about T1. We have discussions about the future of the money pit and a quick look (literally) at Nolan’s Cross.
What I thought

The majority of this episode is with Rick, Marty and Jim at T1 in the Money Pit. They say T1 this week, but I thought we were at C3? Anyhow, it’s a hole down the Pit. After the narrator ramped us up into a stampede at what delights could be down the T1 hole at the end of last week, it turns out it’s just stones, clay and then bedrock. T1 hits rock bottom, much like Marty, who starts kicking around his hat and anything else he can see. Unfortunately Jack isn’t there. For us viewers, we’re hitting our heads on the TV. Some of wood is sent off for carbon dating from last week that was found down T1 and with lightning flashing about, they call it a day and go to see what Dan thinks about the wood. After mostly sniffing about, mostly of the wood, Dan pretty much uses his best guesswork, much like everyone else. However, the carbon dating suggests most of the wood is within the 1650-1710 range. This is spot on for the original Money Pit date. In the War Room, the brothers, Jim and Craig Tester (via phone) decide on the Money Pit’s fate. They’ve spent millions, drilled several holes, and found various wood. Despite what they say, their money pockets run deep, as emotionally they all agree to fund another hole, this time one that Rick chooses where it will be and one that is dedicated to their parent’s names and given the name GAL1. Ok, even I felt a little emotional at that point. Not least because for the umpteenth time this series, the show ends up with them drilling a hole in the Money Pit and the narrator reading off a list of 101 mouth-watering things that might be down there, but never says that it could just be nothing.

The only other story line from this week is Rick, Jim and Jack meeting two stone masons who have a look at two of the stones that form Nolan’s Cross. I’m not sure how much they paid those two but I reckon they got a good wage given how little they appeared to do. The first stone (the one that is supposedly looking like a face) they say absolutely little about, other than confirm it’s type of stone. The second one they do at least appear to look closely at and find that part of it is smooth, which indicates that it was dragged to this location. This 5-10 minute segment felt like a simple way for those two guys to earn a quick buck. They didn’t really contribute that much.

So, this week the show hit rock-bottom in terms of developments as the Money Pit went no-where but alas they will try once more. Other than that, there’s not a lot of tangible evidence uncovered aside from carbon dating of the wood and a smooth part of a stone in Nolan’s Cross.

Rating 5/10 - Just OK.

Flash, bang, wallop. The weather stops "play" at the Money Pit.

Dan has a great nose.

Let's have some experts look at the Nolan Cross stones ...

"Yup, it's a stone", say the experts.

Marty is not happy about T1.
Marty kicks his hat about.

It may just look like a stick in the ground but this costs thousands to drill.

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