Saturday, 11 March 2017

The Curse of Oak Island S04E16


We're back down GAL1 for more metal than you'd find at a scrapyard, and Dr Lorrie reveals all ... 

What I thought

We resume the finale at GAL1 in the Money Pit with Rick, Craig and Jim finding increasing amounts of metal coming up from the shaft in various shapes and sizes, including one that has lots of round holes in it. There’s also some charcoal coming up too, which apparently is significant as charcoal was originally reported in previous excavations; it may have been used in original money pit construction. Not long after Marty arrives a virtual spanner hits the works as the casing gets stuck on something some 152ft down by metal object it can't drill through. Is this what William Chappell reported finding in 1897? They use some chisel bit to go 5 more feet which should grind more out. If one has already destroyed the casing of something, best to go in full and fast huh?
Rick is off to Dan Blankenship's home where Dr Lorrie is waiting, along with Jack and Charles. Dr Lorrie finally reveals that the spike is … an iron spike that she believes was used on a Spanish galleon ship. So, what they thought in the first place huh? We’re then reminded for the 101st time of what Frank Nolan said about his theory that a ship had been buried in the swamp, as well as reminded that the gang found a plank and Spanish coin in the swamp in the past too. Thanks for that reminder. We only get told this every ruddy week!
Back to GAL1. There’s a corner section of metal brought up with lots of round holes and a washer and a nut also comes up using a smaller grabber. Is there an ancient DIY store down there? After the issue with the grabber getting stuck, they save us the agony of watching nothing happening for any more length of time by calling it a day in case it gets stuck again.
In the war room three days later, most of the main gang are there to find out results of what they found down GAL1. Dr Lorri is on the skype. First though, what about that button from last week? She says it was from military uniforms of the British ~1780s - 1820s. She also says that corner piece of metal was often used for treasure chests, 1650-1800. Is there a catalogue of known treasure chests? It’s very odd to say it’s from a treasure chest but I guess she knows what she’s saying. So, what we have is that what they suspected last week is the case with those two items. Everyone is happy this week.
Now they all have to decide what to do next now that the season has come to end. This last 10 minutes of the episode is nothing more than a regurgitation of what they’ve done throughout the season as they really aren’t deciding on anything from what I can see. What about the swamp? They are not sure atm but it’s not done yet. Smith's Cove? They think there’s enough evidence that there was a man-made construction there. Money Pit? They all think there's something down there. Well, I think we know there’s something there, even if it’s not treasure.

We’re left with the obvious conclusion to the episode which is that they are going to take the winter to think about what they've found and get more data and tests.
Rating 6/10 - Good
GAL1 brings up charcoal.

More and more metal comes up from GAL1.

Dr Lorrie left us in suspense last week, purely to confirm what we all suspected this week.

What got more holes? That piece of metal or some of the decision making on Oak Island?

A washer? This is odd.

There's certainly lots of things down GAL1.

The gang meet to review the season and eek a little more time out of the episode.

Handshakes and hugs as everyone goes off to hibernate for winter.

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