Thursday, 8 June 2017

Twin Peaks S03E04 "Brings back some memories"


Dale "Mr Jackpot" Cooper returns to Dougie's home, Twin Peaks Police still try to figure out what's missing and fake-Cooper gives an interview to the FBI.

What I thought

This was a bit of a drawn out episode for me but still nevertheless intriguing and entertaining. Mr Jackpot at the Casino just keeps winning, much to the owner's annoyance, and is eventually sent packing via a limo. You'd think there's be a limit on how many wins one can have in 24 hour period or there'd be major suspicions of cheating? Well, it gets no mention. Through limited knowledge, Cooper is taken back to Dougie's home where the now deceased Dougie's Wife and boy live! Yet more simpleton Cooper antics follow where he's incapable of doing anything for himself (he puts the tie around his head) and has to be shown to the bathroom. I thought he'd pee in the sink but that joke never happened. Strange how he knows nothing about peeing but walking and breathing isn't much of a problem? Still, it's an amusing time in the household, much to his son's entertainment. There's also a warning from the red room that Cooper was tricked and one of them must die. I'd assume that's fake-Cooper?

Speaking of which, fake-Cooper gives an odd interview to the FBI in a manner that suggests he's real Cooper but also not quite. The FBI don't buy it at all and seem to believe there's something very wrong with Cooper. You think? LOL.

Aside from that, the investigation at Twin Peaks HQ goes nowhere, but does provide the biggest laugh of the episode, with the receptionist freaking out over mobile phones. This was a LOL moment although the conversation with her son and the sheriff was just simply bizarre. It was like an Oscar Award speech combined with lots of weirdness.

Rating 6/10 - Great intrigue and pockets of entertainment continues, but somewhat harder for me to digest this week.

What I liked:

Cooper at Dougie's home was great.
The receptionist freak out over mobile phones.
Fake-Cooper debrief was somewhat semi-revealing.

What I didn't Like:

Drawn-out segments weren't easy for me this week to get through.
Still musical endings. I think that's going to be the norm now sadly.
What the heck was that Marlon speech about?

It's only been 25 years, but she can't get the concept of mobile phones into her head. LOL.

That was one heck of a speech.

Simpleton Cooper at Dougie Home was charming stuff.

Fake-Cooper just feels evil.

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