Sunday, 11 June 2017

Twin Peaks S03E05 "Case Files"


Cooper/Dougie goes to work, someone is after Dougie, fake-Cooper causes a stir & various other little storylines.

What I thought

I'm struggling somewhat now. It's a shame to say it but there are segments in this week's episode and last week's that I am just not connecting with at this time, which makes it a real struggle to stay focused and interested. The biggest offender is Dr Amp, whom I know is a big deal from the previous series but I don't get his rants over the airwaves although his advert for his golden spade to dig the shit out of our lives was mildly entertaining. Then there's the stuff at the cafe and the daughter of the daughter hanging out with the junkie. I totally found those two really hard to care about. I guess as time goes on it'll mean something more but right now I was zoned out on those two storylines.

The centre-piece of the whole season so far for me continues to be Cooper/Dougie who is just a plain daft simpleton with a variety of amusing expressions and mannerisms. Thoroughly enjoyed Dougie's "first" day on the job and his obsession with coffee and the statue outside the building. Fake-Cooper in the jail was also highly intriguing, how he perceives what's coming next and then somehow manages to send all the electronics into chaos to make a phonecall that the FBI then can't detect. What's with the black box in the middle of nowhere shrinking in size? Totally intriguing.

So, a reasonable episode, inter spread by elements I loved and plenty I just didn't connect with. I reckon going forward there will be more of this so I need to develop a thicker skin perhaps :) At least there was no musical ending although we did get an extended scene near the end of a band.

Rating 6/10 - Decent enough but I'm struggling a little at times.

Stand-up comedian in the autopsy :)

Blimey, his wife goes on a lot!


She's cute and he's a nut.

Didn't connect with Dr Amp sadly.

Fake-Cooper pulls a fast one on the FBI.

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