Saturday, 24 June 2017

Twin Peaks S03E06 "Don't Die"

After the previous few episodes being somewhat hard work for a newcomer to the saga like me, I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. Lots of Dougie really brightens any episode! I could watch a whole season just of this character! This week he's still outside the workplace where last week ended. He loves the statue but is eventually helped home by a security guard, only to get berated by his wife and adored by his son. The reports he was given, he draws the weirdest of patterns on, with help from magical bright dots. Upon his return to work and the boss calling him into his office, it appears that whatever Dougie did was genius! The turnaround and performance during all this is absolutely divine like chocolate sauce. I loved it.

Away from Dougie, the next longest segment this week concerns a drug deal that was far too drawn out for me, but what follows caught my attention, not least when the drugged up young lad knocks over a child at a crossing. It's all done in the strangest Twin Peaks style with people's OTT behaviour as they witness this, including a guy who we see before arriving on the scene, who sees the child's spirit floating to heaven. For me this was a mixture of emotion. Naturally what happened was sad and disturbing but it was also difficult to fully take too seriously due to the Twin Peak's style of mannerisms that everyone displayed.

Then to the scene near the end, when a hitman dwarf goes on a blood rampage in some office with a poker instrument of sorts. Oh, it's a spike, that's right. LOL. He was given photos of a lady and Dougie, killing the lady in gruesome fashion and nearby witnesses, before being disappointed that his spike is bent. It's truly bizarre and it's also very bloody.

Away from this, there's classic Hawk at the Police Station making a discovery in the toilet and one of the FBI guys meeting a lady in a bar. The latter means nothing to me but I'm sure means more to long standing Twin Peak Fans.

So, there we have it. A much more enjoyable episode for me, thanks to Dougie and some scenes that were easier to follow and appreciate than previous weeks.

Rating: 7/10 - Dougie rules and blood goes everywhere.

Dougie is a legend!

No idea what this was all about, aside from the some magic.

Potent and seriously odd scene with the poor boy.

This dwarf causes a blood bath.

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