Sunday, 24 September 2017

Twin Peaks Season 3 (The Return): The Finale

Yes, this is my first review since episode 8! It's been a long hard struggle for me, finding words impossible to describe what I've seen between that episode and the finale. It's safe to say that from episode 9 up until 15, I've really found it hard to care or stay interested in a lot of what I've been watching. Aside from anything at Twin Peaks Sheriff's department, the FBI, Evil-Cooper or Dougie, everything else I honestly did not get attached to, and there was a lot of stuff in those episodes that just skipped me by. That stuff was mainly for those who'd seen the previous two seasons of the show. For those, like me, who'd just started watching with the opener of series 3, it was just fodder, and a lot of stale fodder that was never going to be engaging or make enough sense to get our teeth stuck into.

Episodes 15, 16 and 17 were for the most part very good. Sadly though, for all the hope of a build up to a Cooper show-down, we didn't really get it. Everyone came together for episode 17 but good Cooper had very little to do, and didn't even get any screen time with evil-cooper as he'd been taken down just before he got there! I'd loved Dougie, and I'd really enjoyed the return of real Cooper, but there was not enough real Cooper interaction in the finale to really justify any grand return for the character. It felt like he was left standing outside the front door instead of being welcomed in, which is exactly where we headed for the finale hour. Whereas I was largely totally following episode 17, the last hour I mostly found so dull that I couldn't really be bothered to play too much attention. Ok, so it's a parallel world of sorts etc, but it was full of nothing much aside from the most rubbish sex-scene I've seen in ages, unlike the epic-dougie sex scene earlier in season, and lots of driving in the dark. I've found watching traffic cams more stimulating. I don't mind watching something with little happening in it, but this took the biscuit, or donut or mug of coffee.

Overall, how would I rate this season? Would I recommend it to anyone? Hmmm. There's been some great surrealism in the show, not least in the opener, where it was at it's best for me. There's been some great comedy with Dougie, and there's been much intrigue with the FBI, evil Cooper and at the Twin Peaks Sheriff's department. However, it feels for me that all that only encompassed 40% of the entire season, leaving me for vast majorities banging my head on wall during long musical endings, and watching paint drying scenes of people I'd never seen before nor really could care about.

Twin Peaks isn't a show I could binge on, nor is it something i think should be binged on. You need space and time to assess what you've just watched with this show although I'm still none the clearer even after hours of debate in my head.

It's been a long ride this season, maybe 8 episodes longer than we needed, but like a marriage, it's had some great moments, along with hours of idle time. But, just like a marriage, it should be honoured, held in high regard and respect, and cherished for the union it is.

Finale Rating: 6/10

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