Thursday, 8 February 2018

The Curse of Oak Island S05E04


Danger strikes just as the geo-tech drilling team hits a possible void in the Money Pit.

What I thought

This episode can be thought of as the one dedicated to the legacy of the Restall’s and a timely reminder of Health and Safety.

We’re back in Money Pit area with those GeoTech holes being drilled left, front, centre … right, down a bit, left a bit, drill drill … etc. Terry the Geologist is still there. So far, 16 of the 40 4” wide holes to 200ft dept have been drilled systematically (there is a plan it seems) near GAL-1 and C1. Apparently, this sort of drilling is usually used to assess stability of construction for the likes of dams, bridges etc. The team believe they are about to drill holes in the area known as the ‘Chappell Shaft’; thus named with the surname of an exploratory shaft drilled in the 1930s which will lead to an original hole found in 1897 to the ‘Chappell Vaults’ where there were claims of shiny gold stuff. Just when the current drill hole hits 166ft odd, they think they’ve hit bedrock (no, not where the Flintstones live). Then, there’s a change as the drilling team report they’ve found nothing, or as they call it more technically, a void. Make that two voids, one of which is 30ft “tall”. The gang think this might be a “spiral staircase” theorised back in 1959 ish by a previous explorer. Next up, they start bringing up wood in the spills, which I’m not sure how that adds to the staircase theory but it’s interesting nonetheless. Then there’s a dramatic moment as the pressure pipe assisting the drilling breaks free, taking out one of the operator’s called Max. He’s down and injured. Looks like the worst of it is a broken wrist but it’s a moment of drama and concern for everyone. It’s also a time to take stock of general health and safety practices, which they’ve not neglected but perhaps have been a little too lax over how close people get to certain equipment.

Meanwhile, next day, Jack/Peter and the metal detector maestro Gary Drayton are off exploring Isaac’s Point once more. First up, they find parts of a toy gun from 50/60s. Uncannily, this is all related to the other theme of the episode, the Restall family.

In the War Room, the debriefing over the GeoTech holes in the Money Put is discussed by Ricky and Jim. Having learnt more as they’ve already drilled the holes, they now feel the need to modify the plan and increase the number of holes. Jack barges in to show off the toy gun. Rick thinks it might be the Restall’s boy’s gun, of which the family were there in the 60s and tragically left after the father, another son and two others died in an accident in the Money Pit. Lee Lamb, Restall Snr’s daughter, has also recently been in contact and wants to return to see the new visitor centre.

Three days later it’s back to Money Pit to meet the drilling team by Rick, Marty & Craig. Max is alive and mostly well; it’s “only” a small fracture of the wrist and he’s otherwise ok. After a lesson in drilling by the narrator, we hear of a new safety measure the team will use to stop the hose from flying all over the place if same thing happens again.

Later, Lee Lamb and her brother Rick Restall return to Island. They are shown to the Visitor Centre in an emotional reunion of sorts with their display of photos and maps on the wall showing the Restall’s time on the island. They also show Rick Restall the gun they found, which he remembers losing over 50 years ago. It’s certainly a memorable moment.

Right at the end, in time honoured tradition of making us lick our lips for the next episode, we end with one week later, drilling resuming in the Money Pit and … Max is back!

Rating 6/10 - A moving tribute to the Restall family and a Health & Safety assessment make this an episode with emotion.

The spoils are really spoiling us: we've got bits of wood!

Red Alert! The pressure pipe breaks free, injuring drilling team member, Max.

Max is made of hard stuff though, taking it in his stride.

The offending part of pipe that took down Max. 
Gary the metal detector expert finds a gun. Ok., it's a toy gun.

Jim finds it hard to get excited over the interruption to a meeting to see this toy gun. ;)

The newest piece of safety equipment ensures that what happened earlier won't happen again.

Rick Restall is reunited with his toy gun, lost 50 years earlier on the island.

Lee Lamb also gets a tour of the Restall section of the visitor centre.

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