Monday, 2 April 2018

The Curse of Oak Island S05E11


H8 produces only miniscule results, Smith's Cove produces a few more intriguing finds, and there are lots of meetings in the War Room.

My Thoughts

In War Room with lots of the gang and extras Laird and Gary talking about that cross found in the same day, primarily to show Laird who doesn’t actually say very much other than he’s not seen anything like it before. Well, other than every other cross in existence over 2000 years of course. The conclusion is to find an ancient artefact expert.

In the Money Pit, 2 days later, the casing drill is going down another 5 feet after last episode’s pause. More spills are being investigated from 150ft, with a lovely piece of pottery being discovered. Seems there was a lot of tea parties in the Money Pit in the past. Very intriguing piece as it has a decorative leaf on it. Back with the drill and it’s slipped through 10ft of nothing from 162ft to 170ft ish. Is it the chapel vault or a shaft?

Gary and Rick head back to Smith’s Cove to do more metal detecting. This time they find some sort of lead spoon handle near to where the cross was found. Interesting item, I’m not sure what it is. Minutes later they did up a long thin strip of brass, maybe from the side of a ship.

Back in Money Pit and the casing is at 168ft odd. More spoils work from 162ft and there’s some leather and bone, probably from a joint. On the whole though, they’ve found little more with the larger casing than they did from the smaller Geotech one. Everyone is disappointed although I’m not surprised as I thought their theory on it being a solid hole to drill larger was a little inconclusive.

In the War Room, it’s a big meeting time as there’s also a GeoPhysicist present who believes he has important information to help the team after he put a sensor down every of the Geotech small boreholes several weeks ago – don’t they all say that! His computer graphics shows lots of lines from going down the holes in a 3D grid with shapes at various depths in some places which depict anomalies of various strengths. Near where H8 is, there are some larger anomalies about 150-160ft deep and spread other about 7 foot wide.

Next day, another War Room meeting, this time with geologist and historian in tow. Several give their views on what to do next, with most understandably on the “let’s keep going” point of view. Craig Tester announces that he’s probably not going to come back after this season, as he’s still grieving; it must be very hard to be on the island for him. Eventually the gang decide to plough more money on another hole in the Money Pit, based once again on circumstantial evidence and a whim. Hey, it’s their money, not mine.

Rating - 6/10 - The finds help drag this episode out of the ordinary, even if they don't really add anything new to things.

Another interesting piece of pottery coming out of H8.

Smith's Cove reveals a strip of brass.

And, more lead, this time in form of a handle to a spoon perhaps.

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