Monday, 2 April 2018

The Curse of Oak Island S05E12


Tom Nolan takes over his father's island venture, sharing information, as more supported evidence comes from experts about the cross and finds from H8.

My Thoughts

In the War Room a few of the team meet to discuss that cross from Smith’s Cove with Jerry Glover, the French Templar’s expert we met a few episodes ago. He concludes that the cross is like the graffiti on the castle room walls at Domme (which the Templars made) and reveals other evidence that suggest the cross was probably 13th century but could have been worn by anyone of any class. Still, at least we have a better idea of date. Like Gary said last week: it’s an oldie.

Rick and Charles head miles NE to Waverly to meet fellow Oak Island property owner, Tom Nolan, the son of Fred Nolan. It’s a little emotional, given the situation that his dad did so much towards Oak Island but never got a real conclusion. Tom kindly agrees to do whatever is needed to help Rick and Co solve the mystery. He also shows them the maps that Fred created surveying the island over 50 years. Those maps are so full of lines and dots that you can see the work Fred put into it; Fred was very methodical in regard to these survey maps.  Then then talk about the swamp, and how Fred found what he believed were 15th century ish surveying marker posts for whatever went on in the swamp. Tom then shows them a metal key, which folds in half, that Fred found on the island. There’s also a cross in the handle part of the key. Odd. How structurally safe is that key turning a stiff lock?
Next day the two are in the house with the maps all laid out on the floor. Clearly these are photocopies of the maps as they are on white sheets and not translucent ones which we saw before. Given the lack of any supporting information, exactly what the map shows, or its scale is totally unknown and requires more work.

Later, the gang are out in Lot 21, one of Fred’s Plots, to do some metal detecting, via way of a Lagina style JCB. They are digging a trench to find what is described by Fred Nolan as a dumping site near his house. Here he found a ton of pottery years ago. There were traces of mercury found in this site, which was also found down the Money Pit. First up there are plenty of rusty nails before Jim notices a selection of pottery. Finding this amount suggests to the gang that they’ve found the dump site, although I’d say it’s early days myself. So quick to jump to conclusions this lot.

Jack and Alex are in Halifax, to meet Joe Landry, a book binding expert and his female apprentice, whom both Jack and especially Alex seem enamoured by. Joe concludes that what they found down H8 is parchment and book binding material, as well as that the coloured piece of wood (which I don’t recall seeing before) is likely “bleached” with a purple substance usually used in religious and important documents. He’s really fuelled these guys with all sorts of words they wanted to hear! If it is evidence of book down the Money Pit, it’s probably in pieces by now!

Rick and Gary head to Dan Blankenship’s house and show him the lead cross; there’s nothing new gained here though. Nor are the final few minutes which is simply watching the oscillating casing start drilling in Drake’s named hole.

Rating 6/10 - Not a lot new really in this episode that we didn't already suspect, aside from more confirmation from experts.

Rick and Jim meet Tom Nolan where they see those famous maps again.

Tom gives them a key, but to what?

Twister - Oak Island style.

Jim's eagle eyes perform amazingly here as he finds pottery.

Alex is in loooooovveeeeeeeeee.

This expert says that the parchment and binding are exactly that without any close examination.

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