Sunday, 15 April 2018

The Curse of Oak Island S05E13


There's a new theory on THAT cross, Rick finds a post in the swamp, there's more finds in "The Dump", and there's another problem in the Money Pit.

What I thought

We’re in the Money Pit area, where the grabber is starting to get the spoils from within the casing of the new hole, called DMT, at about 30ft depth so far. This hole is 10ft south of the previous hole, H8, in the hope to get hold of what they think is an object they moved when drilling H8 – possibly, if that’s what it was, if anything. I’m sceptical how they came to any conclusion that they made have “pushed” an object out of the way previously.

In War Room, Rick, Gary and researcher Doug are present to discuss THAT cross. They call up Xena, Warrior Princess. Ok, not her, but another researcher called Xena, the one who dragged them to France recently. She’s really impressed and excited by the cross and says she believes it’s the Goddess Tanit, which isn’t a Christian cross at all. This doesn’t rule out the Templar’s as they were known to revere this goddess too. They also tell her about the middle eastern bone fragments found in the Money Pit’s H8, which almost causes her to explode with joy. She needs a serious lie down after that.

Back into the Swamp area now, and Rick and Charles are there, following up on their new rights to access Fred Nolan’s property by draining the very north portion of the Swamp. Don’t worry, they have permission.

We’re also back in “The Dump” from last week, where pottery was found. Things have really accelerated as it’s like a real dump site now of earth and trenches everywhere. Boom! Lagina style! Gary is metal detecting with Jim and Jack. First up, he finds a decorative hinge, probably from a chest. Jim finds another hinge, it’s a rather plain one though.

Next Day, the Lagina brothers, Gary and Alex head back to the swamp which has now drained. Well, a small portion of it in the North. The guys wade through sludge and water whilst metal detecting and hacking about. Rick finds a wooden post that’s axe shaped at the end, possibly one of the survey posts used to map out the area to validate Fred Nolan’s theory that a pirate ship was sunk and hidden under the swamp.

Next day, at the money pit, they are down to 70ft now, and mostly pulling up earth. Then, OIL LEAK! The oscillator shuts down. The grabber can keep going but they reckon there’s an object blocking the path but it’s not rock. They are going to use a massive chisel piece to break up the object. Hopefully it’s not a treasure chest they are bashing. In the spills, Gary finds some of metal teeth from the casing, showing that whatever the object is they have reached in the shaft, it’s cutting off the teeth! There’s a crisis meeting, and they decide to send a camera down the casing to find out what the obstruction is. Naturally, this looks like a very good moment to speculate wildly by the narrator and end the episode with us just getting excited.

Rating 5/10 - Not a lot to report in this episode that's anything really significant.

Xena is not referring to the mobile phone.

Rick decides against using a bucket and gets in the hose.

It's a decorative hinge - or was.

Charles finds a less decorative hinge.

It's another post in the Swamp.

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