Sunday, 22 April 2018

The Curse of Oak Island S05E14


There's lots of deliberation over the obstruction down DMT, speculation over THAT cross and an interesting metal detection find.

What I thought

It’s a day on from the obstruction incident and the gang are inspecting the damage to equipment and deliberating what to do next in the DMT hole.  First up, they pump out water and sludge from inside the casing.

Later in same day, Rick, Marty and Gary welcome Kathleen to the War Room. She’s an author and researcher. She’s been in the show before when she took Marty and Alex to France to show them various Knight’s templar details. That was over 3 years ago, when Alex had a ponytail and we could probably still believe that the narrator was actually not leading us up the garden path with his speculation and ability to end a show ramping us up to frenzy level before crushing us at the start of the next episode. Anyhow … they show her THAT cross, where she almost has a seizure it seems. 

She’s well impressed, as are we all. She says crosses of that type range from 11th-13th century although her view is it’s “really old”. Is she related to Gary? Lol. We’re further reminded of their meeting 3 years ago, when in France, with a Templar “grandmaster” who gives his thoughts via an email. His theory is the cross may have been worn on a necklace with other items and maybe contains gold under the lead. This means there could be more parts of the necklace in Smith’s Cove. There’s then more talk about a region in France that might be ‘New Canada’. They also show her Smith’s Cove and talk about how to cover the whole area to search for more and the logistics and technical issues in doing that.

We’re back in Money Pit where the pumping begins in DMT before we cut to Lot 8 in middle of island for more metal detecting with Gary, Rick and Marty. This is another of Fred Nolan’s plot I believe. There’s another reminder of that KEY Fred found and his maps of the island which led them to this location. First up they find a keyhole plate, the kind you’d expect on a chest. Naturally there’s a link to chest cases and the key, although it could be that it belongs to anything.

More pumping action at 74ft in DMT as Rick, Alex and one of the engineers stand on a platform at top of casing to see water being taken out. The remote camera specialist duo are called in so as to drop a HD camera down the casing – on a cord not course, not just dropping it. Doug, the researcher and Jim are lurking nearby too. Oh, and Jack. The narrator has us wondering if the obstruction is a door in the money pit or a vault. There’s really nothing to see via the camera but mud and stones. Water soon comes back into the casing, ending the viewing. Theories over where the water comes from is regurgitated to us by the narrator. Next up, they drop down a beam to probe the bottom of the casing. Even though there’s nothing tangible to see, these guys think the obstruction is metal, possibly steel.

In the War Room, it’s an emergency meeting, as it’s costing $20k a day in Money Pit with nothing happening. The decision made is to get a diver down there to determine if it is a metal structure. Cue the credits …

Rating 5/10 - An episode of chat and not a lot of action aside from a keyhole plate that sends them into speculation frenzy.

There's not a lot to see down DMT but the gang reckon that could be steel - maybe ...

Gary waves his magic metal wand and finds a keyhole.

Templar grandmaster reckons THAT cross was part of a necklace.

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