Saturday, 29 August 2015

Windows 10: App Update: Snip

Windows 10 App Update


This could be the next most useful thing in Windows 10, or it could be yet another screenshot tool. Hard to tell thus far but I've ditched the Win32 Snipping Tool for "Snip" in order to try to figure out if this is better or not. So far it very much reminds me of SnagIt, another 3rd party snipping tool and it appears to be just as useful, although not as sophisticated as there is no video recording in Snip.

You can get the app from here but it is just a beta at the moment.

First thing I noticed is that when launched, it hangs around up the top of your screen, just peeking into view

Can you see it ^^^^^^
If you hover the cursor over it, it drops down to this:

This is where you can start a new snip, launch the editor (think basic paintbrush), take a photo or, in the bottom right, is the icon to take you to your snip library.

Here's the library. Nothing remarkable but there's all your snips in one easy place.

The Snip Editor lets you do basic stuff, like draw things, but is missing, for some annoying reason, the colour white, which is obviously very good for erasing writing on most webpages/documents if you were taking a snip of that. Hopefully, white will come in a future update. But in the meantime, you can, weirdly, record audio for your snip, share it, save it, or just copy it to another app.

It's pretty funky that when you take a snip, it tells you the dimensions of the snip:

Snip also takes over your PrntScr button, so it'll basically launch Snip ready to select the whole screen, appearing much like above, but obviously covering the width and height of your screen.

A very promising beta. Think it could replace the snipping tool very nicely. There's naff all app settings you can manipulative, which seems to be Microsoft's Windows 10 style, but hopefully there will be some tinkering possible in future updates.

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