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Extant: S02E13: "The Greater Good"

Rating: 5

In A Nutshell

So, we reach the finale, and it couldn't have come quick enough. True to form, all tension has been drained from the show over the course of the season, and we face a finale that we are wanting to see, but all for the wrong reasons. Does anyone really care who lives and dies here?

JD is still down and half dead, but thankfully Molly turns up and gives him some of her blood ... as you do. I couldn't watch this. Not because it was ridiculous, but the whole blood thing does me in. Naturally, as she has super alien blood, it helps heal him, and after fearing she was Moll-bot briefly and waving a gun about, the introduction of Molly's fan club into the room seems to persuade him that all is ok. Phew, that was a close one. He could have done us all a favour!

Molly goes with Hera to see Ares, who says her name is mud amongst the hybrids and they want nothing to do with her. Molly says the end is coming for everyone. Ares reminds her that she created the alien killer virus. This scene ends there ... remember that, because later in episode Ares and his gang turn up to help Molly. Seems she swung them around to her way of thinking without saying anything!

Lucy gets further orders from Taalor, the supercomputer AI with the Windows 95 screensaver, and finds out that Moll-bot is now her boss. She's not too happy about that.

Meanwhile, Charlie and Ethan track down Julie's legs (yes, her artificial legs with the tracker in them. Can't go losing your legs) back to the ruddy lab. You'd think Charlie would look there in the first place! Anyhow, they discover Julie down in the basement, and rescue her just in time as that oxygen timer ticks from 1% to 0. She's in remarkably good condition as she can even walk, which almost is alien like after suffering from oxygen depletion. They even evade the security drones who were behind them one moment but gone the next. Jeez, security these days.

Having put a new plan into place to take down Taalor, Moll-bot and Lucy turn up at Julie's apartment now they've left 15 minutes ago! Quite why Moll-bot didn't kill JD the first time around or keep him captive, I don't know. This show isn't supposed to make much sense.

JD isn't happy with Molly over the alien blood but it's hard to tell how pee'd he is really as he seems mostly ok, despite some soul searching complaints and the odd joke. Taking down Taalor will take down Ethan too, discover the amazingly recovered Julie, with Charlie. Ethan overhears and gives the most unconvincing and rubbish speech about how he's happy to sacrifice himself for the greater good. Right.

At Taalor HQ, Molly, JD and Charlie take out the humanich guards with explosives, and then infiltrate the building, meeting some very weak resistance. They end up in a maze, created by Taalor to fool people. Ares and his hybrids turn up outside and combine to take down the power grid, but are outwitted by Taalor somehow. Who knows how but they are. Ares calls his now-buddy Molly as gunshots rang out in the background and Ares sounding on death's door, presumably as Moll-bot and Lucy arrived outside, whom we see a little later. JD, Charlie and Molly illogically all decide to go off in different directions in the maze. JD takes out some humanich guards along the way quite easily with his gun, but he's starting to feel ill as the alien blood wears off. Charlie discovers some of the walls are projections but this revelation doesn't help anyone, as he bumps into Moll-bot and Lucy. Moll-bot stands in front of him and shoots him point blank ... in the shoulder. Jeez, Moll-bot has a rubbish shot! She got JD in the gut and now Charlie in the shoulder. Why? It makes little sense why she doesn't just kill them as she doesn't use them for any extra value. Lucy however wants the kill, and so Moll-bot allows her to do the deed. However, for no reason at all, Lucy searches Charlie's pocket and finds the pendant. Taalor tells her to use it on herself, for the greater good. Lucy hesitates. Charlie tells her not to do it and that Taalor is using her but she then just takes it anyway. But, ha!, it's a fake. Lucy goes to kill Charlie who tries hard to convince her not too.

Scene cuts to Molly, who has discovered the way to the server room via some rubbish Calderon code. This is a classic server room. Seems ten or so servers are the main hub of Taalor. He tries to talk Molly out of it, before Moll-bot shows up from behind one of the servers. Moll-bot and Molly have a brief fight, involving at least one server getting trashed for good measure. JD shows up and has the predictably anticipated JD versus Molly and Moll-bot who is who dilemma. How will he know who to shoot? Will one of them say something that only the real Molly could know, like something from the last 24 hours? Could the real Molly just use her hybrid powers and have JD shoot Moll-bot? Or maybe they could just keep saying and acting the same, leaving JD to just shoot one of them randomly? Yes, it was the latter of course. He claims he could tell from Molly's eyes which one to shoot. Bull-shit. Anyhow, as he gets locked out of the server room whilst taking down more humanichs, it seems Moll-bot isn't dead afterall. Rather than just snapping Molly's neck, Moll-bot uses the classic bearhug of death move, for some stupid reason, to which Molly responds by using hybrid super strength to pull that useful critical component out of Moll-bots back, killing her.

On cue, Lucy now comes out from behind one of the servers. Jeez, why is everyone hiding behind them? And how did they get in the room? How did Moll-bot in the first place? The door was locked? Oh, who cares! Lucy is now pro-Molly too and tells her how to use the necklace/amulet/pendant. Taalor starts to shut down, as does Ethan outside, and Lucy also behaves as if she's having a seizure. All the humanichs on the various flights to take the human virus around the world, also start to die, by way of vomiting disgustingly in front of scared passengers. Charlie and JD now arrive in the server room, leading to Lucy dieing in Charlie's arms. Jeez. Hard to tell how those two felt about each other! Lucy is glad to be free. We're glad it's the finale.

Outside, Molly is super happy and the audience groans as Ethan survives a finale yet again, this time thanks to an extra firewall protecting him from the virus. Sigh. Also, more good news, as it seems all the hybrids outside haven't been killed after all! Yes, they are picking themselves up and dusting down those cobwebs. What?

Things conclude with Molly giving a speech to congress on how she lied before to them and that there are aliens on earth. Seems to go down extremely well. She didn't say why she lied before though. She also gives no proof that Ares has freaky powers.

In the final scenes, we see that Taalor has downloaded himself into a humanich body. He's gone for a coffee and taken to walking about looking like Dick Tracy.

What I liked

JD had the best line after being not very pleased with Molly giving him alien blood. "When were you going to tell me?" He asked. "When my eyes glowed up as I shaved?"

It's the finale. What's not to like? Well, news that there's no third season would be good.

What I Didn't Like

Ethan survives. again. sigh. Seems it's impossible to have any real drama or tension in this show when everyone keeps amazingly surviving peril!

Ethan death speech ... did ... not ... sound ... right.

Hybrids take down power core, something they'd barely shown they can do before, and are taken out in gunfire, but seem ok afterwards?

Humanichs get shot easily and die, although last week they needed something else to melt them all down?

Molly's speech. She didn't say why she lied or that Ares had alien powers. No wonder everyone seemed ok about aliens. They think they are regular people to have coffee with and play house.


Low on air, and obviously feeling quite warm, seems Julie took her shoes off in the container, but had a lovely mattress to lie upon.

There is something worse than Molly; two Mollys. Just shoot them both for goodness sake!

Aliens are here. People don't appear too concerned.
The hybrids all seem mostly ok, despite Ares saying they were down and gunshots were raining down on them when Moll-bot, Lucy and Co turned up.

Taalor goes all Dick Tracy on us and also seems to enjoy coffee. I assume his face is hidden because he's used John Wood's image? There seems little other reason to dress up otherwise.

And Finally

As expected, the finale was full of zero tension and no one of any significance truely placed in dire peril or suffered from any consequences. Much like season one, things had started off with promise, and then slowly descended into boring, farcical, run-of-the-mill stuff that you wish you never had to witness. JD and his ex-wife just about come out of the series with any honour, as perhaps does Fiona, who was quite stern and authoritative up until she also suffered from poor plot work last week. Lucy, as daft and obnoxious as she was, we did at least know what to expect from her. She turned out to be the only real tangible foe, as Taalor, the hybrids and other humanichs never really gained much traction after promising much but delivering little.

Ethan didn't save the world as I predicted, but he also somehow survived once again. Disappointed there was no final double twist, with John Wood, whom I'm still convinced we'll see again. I'm also sure Lucy will be back but will this show get a third season?

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