Thursday 3 September 2015

Windows 10 App Update: Mail & Calendar App

Windows 10 App Update
Mail & Calendar App

Version 17.6131.42001.0 ~ 3rd September 2015
(Previous Version 17.6120.42011.0)


Conversation turn off

I can only find one change, but it's a BIG one for most Mail users; conversation view can now be TURNED OFF!

Press the settings button, go to Options and you'll now see the setting below which you can change for each account:


Although pleased with the amount of updates Microsoft release for this app, there are still some issues that bug me about it, but don't stop me using it as my main mail and calendar app thankfully:

Attachment Downloads

There is FAR TOO MUCH occurence of attachments just refusing to download in the app. On smaller attachments the "Please Wait" graphic below will have you hypnotized and dying of old age before anything actually downloads. It's quite frankly ridiculous. I often end up firing up Outlook or web pages to access email attachments instead of the Mail App.

Inbox Count

Still no count of all inboxes at a glance. You have to change through your accounts to see unread numbers.


Is not only prone to timing out, but also erroring. It's not great and it's showing no sign of improving.

Calendar Woes

Still can't tell the app not to bother with a calendar from a certain account. Yes, you can turn off what to display in the app, but you can't say, for example, don't bother with any calendars at all from x account. It's annoying to have calendars in the list that you just don't want.

Plus, although it's getting better, there's still something just a little rubbish about how the app displays calendars that still doesn't appeal to me as any quick way to see what's going on. The live tile is better than the app!

Sending email to nowhere

This might be better in new update, but the amount of times I've sent an email and the app swallows it into oblivion ... always check your outbox in the mail app to be sure it's actually sent it!

Mail Folders

Add a folder at your own peril. There's also no way to ask the Mail App to "Update Folders" like you can in Outlook.

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