Monday, 14 September 2015

Falling Skies: S05E10: "Reborn"

Rating: 4

In A Nutshell

Finally, an episode to look forward to, not least because this is the LAST TIME we'll ever have to watch this rubbish. I don't know why, but I was hopefully it'll end with some drama and real tension, but of course, it didn't.

After a little opening speech from a future Matt Mason, I thought we were all going to go a little Star Trek: Enterprise finale on us for a moment or something, which would have been typical for this show, but they stayed in the present thankfully, although possibly listening to Matt for 40 minutes more might have been better than what followed.

The attack at the end of last week's episode was quickly thwarted by our 2nd Mass, thanks it seems to Marty (the crazy father who Weaver helped several episodes ago), who came storming out from somewhere with a machine gun. Well, he seemed to get all the credit for some reason, getting killed in the process. Makes a change that it wasn't a Mason who saved the day ...

We then have a biker crew arrive. Sadly, it's not Pope's gang, but some other people on their way to DC. Why do they let them through the gates before asking who they are in this show? Anyhow, the biker gang agree to help take down a massive wall around DC and provide a distraction for the 2nd Mass. Using the classic plot aide of service tunnels, Tom and the gang progress to DC Queen HQ by way of creeping past alien glowing eggs, like something out of an Aliens Film. No where near as creepy and dramatic though. Everyone is reminded not to touch the eggs, as they creep about, so it comes as no surprise when one of gang wants a closer look at an egg, and ends up getting killed by whatever was inside, sending everyone trigger happy, including someone who lets off a missile, which ends up killing the alien and him, but naturally not Tom, who evades the explosion. He's now cut off from the rest so that he can do his Tom saves the day thing I expect. Seizing the opportunity, Hal changes his mind once again on which girl he loves, and proposes to Maggie! Yup, this guy is not only indecisive but a real sleaze!

Tom comes out of the tunnels right next to that statue in DC and just around the corner from where the Queen is hanging out. With the distraction going on elsewhere in DC, it seems the Queen is amazingly unprotected. Yup, not even the one alien guard, which makes no sense quite frankly. But hey, it does help speed up the finale. Tom faces off with the queen who quickly gets him in some sort of web, with the weapon device Tom was carrying just conveniently out of arm's reach. You know that'll be no problem for Tom though. The Queen then gives us a rather dull speech about why it's all humanity's fault that they came back, telling us about the last time the aliens were here and how we killed her daughter or something. It was really a pathetic story that did nothing for her side of the tale. Naturally Tom defends humanity with a "you provoked us" speech which has little justification or fact to back it up. Very much a playground scrap this. "You started it", "No, he did!" blah blah.

Anyhow, as the Queen starts sucking out Tom's blood, he manages to reach the weapon with his hand, and uses it on himself, in order to get the weapon to go through his blood and into the queen who makes a noise and then blows up into a handful of dust. Very unthrilling. I thought they'd done stuff to that weapon to stop it attacking humans anyway?

So, that's basically it. Humanity has won the day. I assume all the other aliens around the planet also just left or died right then? We never see it happen.

What we do see though is Ann Mason, with the rest of the gang, collapsing injured from that missile blast earlier. She succumbs to her injuries in a heroic ending for her of sorts. Ben runs off, for some reason, and finds Tom, who tells him how he finished off the Queen, and Ben tells him about Ann. Tom rushes back, and remember how those ex-wife-vision-aliens saved him, marches absolute miles carrying Ann's dead body back to that river and demanding they fix Ann.

Then, for no really good reason, Pope shows up! Yes, he's still not dead, and gets more lives than Tom. He's very much injured but says he got looked after by someone. Was it the same family as Tom did a while back? Dunno, it's just a ridiculous tale he gives anyway. He offers Tom a gun to shoot him but Tom says the war is over. Pope makes a groan. Not sure if he died then or not. It's all just too daft and pointless really, no matter how much I loved Pope. He's been given a very pathetic ending, but this is the show full of pointless and flat storylines so we shouldn't have expected anything else.

In the final few minutes we skip to the not so distant future and see everyone all dressed up and happy, where Tom gives a final speech. Naturally everything is fantastic now the war is over. Anyone who has fired a gun is now in a military uniform looking smart. Matt is on a date with his girlfriend. Hal is with Maggie. It's all vomit inducing stuff as Tom waffles on about America and thousands of people nearby in DC all clap and cheer. Sigh.

What I liked

It's the finale. The last episode ever of this show. That's a big plus point.

The Queen looked big and mean but ultimately not really given much screen time sadly.

We saw Pope! But I wish they never bothered. It was a pointless scene.

Marty goes out in glory ... although I'm not sure how he got the credit for saving the day.

What I Didn't Like

Service tunnels ... convenient.

Tom is sent flying by Queen, but weapon lands within his reach ... convenient.

Tom uses weapon on himself, although I thought they'd manipulated the weapon to not attack humans? Or was that just not kill them?

Ann dies but is brought back to life.

No one else of any significance in the main cast faced any real life or death moment, except Tom (but that's par for the course) and Ann. Didn't feel like much was on the line.

I know there was a distraction in DC, but you telling me the Queen would have been left with zero guards?

Pope scene totally pointless and ruined everything that had been built up in the season between him and Tom.

Hal proposes to Maggie, despite not giving any hint of going back to her since he met his new girlfriend.


As soon as someone said not to touch the eggs, you knew someone would.

The Queen is big naturally, but not really anywhere near as interesting as one might think. And totally unguarded? Seriously?

The Weapon conveniently happened to lodge just within Tom's reach, who uses it on himself to kill the Queen. Didn't they reprogram the weapon to not affect humans?

If we thought last week's Pope finale was rubbish, then bringing him back for this scene was another step too far.

The only thing missing from these cheesy scenes were medals being handed out.
And Finally

What can one say? It was pretty much a given that this season, being it's last, would in some way expedite a route to a resolution, and indeed it did. There wasn't much really that went down in this episode as it was a fast tracked to success. Some episodes this season have almost crawled along, with no attempt made at winning the war, and they were all the much better for it, but when it came down to the 2nd Mass concentrating on the enemy, things never really seemed t0o insummentable. The finale lacked any real gravity of the dire situation they were in, the risks, and the absolutely number of aliens in DC. It seemed a walk in the park, which ironically that section of DC actually is.

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