Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Occupied S01E03

In break from tradition, both the Prime Minister and Hans Luberik smile at least twice this episode. The former has good reason despite the growing occupation, he's a daddy!

Discussions to decide on a withdrawal date of the Russians from Norway (whom we've never seen as they are out on oil rigs etc) go nowhere as the Russian Ambassador demands that the hit-and-run driver from last week, a Chechen, is extradited to Russia.

The Chechen suspect is not overly helpful. His resentment and behaviour only really condemns him as the most likely offender.

Despite his baby happiness, it's the PM who spends more time this week looking pensive in multiple scenes. Having committed to naming a date for Russian withdrawal, he's now regretting it. For some reason he sends his deputy to a TV debate on the topic.

The Restaurant owner and Journalists' daughter, Maja, fails to pick the Cheyan out of a suspect line-up, presumably because she's scared or too worried over what might happen to the guy. It's hard to tell exactly. If only those three would sit down and talk to each other more!

Chechen guy gets two years in jail for manslaughter, but with an unhappy russian in the court and ten minutes left of the episode, you know it can't end like this.

Indeed, as the prisoner's son goes with Hans to visit the Chechen man, they find he's already committed suicide. Turns out he was going to be extradited even though that was thought impossible and unlikely. The son now believes Hans and Norway were behind his dad's death. Very angry lad.

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