Monday, 8 February 2016

Insert Name Here S01E05


This week's name is "Dave", with Richard Osman and Josh Widdicombe joined by Ruth Goodman, Adil Ray, Jon Richardson and Holly Walsh.

What I thought?

Not much to say about the guests joining the captains this week, with Adil and Jon adding little to proceedings. Holly did ok, whereas Ruth (the non-comedian) was very enlightening on the subject of David Livingstone, which was as interesting to hear about as was assuming. Richard Osman's team won, with him declaring David Bowie the greatest "Dave" ever. Wouldn't be my personal choice, but this is a comedy panel show nevertheless. A decent lot of laughs this week, combined with informative facts, meant this show continues to be a half-hour of one's time worth spent watching.


6/10 (DECENT)

Along the way we learned that Dr Livingstone's heart was buried under a tree in Africa an his body carried 1,000 miles to the nearest boat to return to England.
Thankfully we only saw 30 seconds of this film, which was David Hasselhoff's first acting credit back in the early 80s. The acting might be ok, but the stage props and cheesy plot was awful.

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