Monday, 8 February 2016

Lucifer S01E01 "Pilot"


We're introduced to Lucifer at his most wicked, who finds himself playing detective when a pop-star he helped manipulate the career of gets gunned down in front of him. He and LAPD Detective Chloe Dancer become entwined along the way as they hunt down the culprit who hired the shooter.

What I thought?

With TV time on my hands I decided to have a look at this new show to start up on Amazon Prime Video recently. Turns out it's a rather charming programme, with the manipulative, flamboyant and wicked Lucifer torn when his friend of sorts, Delilah, is gunned down. He rather purposely and meaningfully starts his own detective work in a rather comical inquisitive fashion. Turns out he can manipulative people to reveal their inner desires; something that is used to amusing effect multiple times throughout the episode. Whether this can however continue to be as interesting a concept as the series goes on, I'm a little doubtful, but Lucifer has a great charm and wit to him that hard not to like. His sidekick, as she will now be, Chloe, finds herself undoubtedly a little drawn to him, what with his mystical ways of getting results, and openness as to his true evil and immortal ways. The sub-plot of an angel visiting him a few times, warning him that he needs to get his ass back to Hell and stop spending time with humans is a little dull for me, but there's enough in this episode along with Lucifer's intrigue into why he cannot manipulative Chloe to make me seriously consider watching another episode.


6/10 (DECENT)
Being involved in a shooting does change people, and even Lucifer cannot resist the desire for revenge and knowing why his "friend" was killed.

Lucifer has a rather forward and confrontation manner to his investigations.

He also has an amusing way of getting people to say what they really think. 
His ability to manipulate is something that Chloe is learning about along the course of this episode.

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