Monday, 8 February 2016

Occupied S01E04


Ever expressionless Hans Djupvik, now Russian Protector in Norway, and his police colleague, Ingrid Bø, pull in a teenage boy for questioning regarding his rather nasty Anti-Russian Blog. A dramatic bomb explosion later and we've got Hans chasing down the suspects, who are two very familiar lads we've seen in previous episodes.

Meanwhile, our resident reporter, Bente Norum, meets the alleged culprit of the bombing and despite a warning, decides not to trouble his wife with news of any threat to her restaurant. Because that's a good idea, right?

Lastly, an interim at Han's Wife's legal department is being very nosey and our Police Leader, Arnesen, has bad news about her brain tumour. Yes, that's news to us all this week.

What I thought?

The opening segment before the titles, showing our Russian secret agent, Serkin, launching a drone, seems rather "Huh?" initially but pays off later in episode. The main storyline was top-notch once again this week. Although highly questionable they could legally do so, Hans and his colleague take in a teenage boy for questioning over his anti-russian blog. On his release the stakes go up exponentially when a car-bomb sends Hans flying and causes serious injury to the young boy. Considering he was standing right next to the car, I'm unsure how he didn't get killed that lad. Tell you what, this bomb moment really got my attention. Great drama.

Reporter Bente has a tip off from those claiming responsibility and meets them (well, just one person) in the classic disused building environment. Forced into publishing the story after being threatened about his wife's russian-friendly restaurant (although this threat isn't really mentioned as the reason to publish) this news tips off Hans who calls on the Russian expert Serkin's help, who we discover have already been following the suspect via that drone. Supposedly no one has noticed this object in the sky? Anyhow, this leads Hans and his colleague to a flat, which leads to a roof chase, where upon Hans discovers that assisting the culprit, Eriksson, is Iljas, the son of the man who died at the end of last week's episode in jail. Taking another hit for the cause, Hans gets a real kick in the teeth from Iljas, and both lads get away with help from someone in a car. Quite where the police backup had gone all this time and left Hans and Colleague to it, I don't know. It was a great chase scene though upon the roof tops. Amazing how navigable rooftops are in TVs and Movies right? Never manage that for real would we, surely?

Away from the main action-packed storyline, the interim at the law firm snooping about and being caught by Han's wife was intriguing and nicely played without anything ever feeling threatening at all. Who was the interim working for?

The rather odd moment this week was a segment with Arnesen meeting a chap in the park who gave her a terminal brain tumour diagnosis on his ipad. Times have changed huh? Although it's nicely acted by Arnesen, this storyline does seem to come completely out of the blue and feel like an unnecessary distraction that's bound to linger as the season continues.


8/10 (GREAT)

"Drone if you want to. Drone around the world!"

Serkin smokes away and launches a drone.
Children in Norway must get really bored with these dull playgrounds.

Yeah, Yeah, they all say that don't they?

Hans and his colleague questionably take a young lad in for, umm, questioning.

Boy meets Girl.
Boy earns lots of money from his stepmum's russian friendly restaurant.
Boy buys flash jacket.
Boy meets Girl who meets a boy.
Boy meets Boy.
Boy punches boy.
Boy legs it.

I thought I was watching 'Caprica' again for a moment as a car-bomb sends Hans flying, injuring the young lad they had just questioned but miraculously not killing him. He did loose an eye and a hand thou.
Naughty Naughty.

The interim is caught by Han's wife as she blatantly steals confidential documents and then rather meekly doesn't give up any fight.

Keeping it simple, the alleged bombing culprit meets our reporter in the most classic location you'd expect for people wanting to keep a low profile.

Shall I tell my wife about the threat on her business and life? Nah, what's for tea my dear?

Completely deviating from the main plot, Arensen receives some bad news about her brain tumour.

It is the 21st Century Hans. Of course you can zoom in!

Serkin helps Hans locate the bombing suspect by way of his funky drone.

Caught in a car bomb and then this, the proverbial kick in the teeth for Hans.

After all the excitement of the episode, the ending, of the fancy jacket the lad brought earlier being found in the back of cupboard, really ends things rather flatly.

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