Sunday, 14 February 2016

Occupied S01E05


"Prime Minister Jesper Berg looks ahead to the Russians' departure but a major event at an oil and gas facility at Viksund changes the entire political landscape."

What I thought?

Now we know the context behind Arnesen's sudden brain tumour revelation last week, as this week she decides to help terrorist group "Free Norway" secretly by meeting with one of them and providing info. This all seems very much specially instigated to provide some extra impetus for the terrorist group by the writers. One can see it makes sense as she has nothing to lose, but if her brain tumour had been more common knowledge from episode one, this may not have come across as a contrived storyline.

Reporter Bente gets chastised by the editor for posting a story that goes too far at criticising the PM. The editor has been given the blow-dryer treatment from the government and gets all panicked by it, whereas Bente goes ape, apparently quitting his job during the argument. At his wife's restaurant, there's a russian farewell dinner tonight; a goodbye meal we all feel is unlikely to hold true, given this is only episode 5. Although Bente actually decides to tell his wife about the threats to her business, he then gets contacted by "Free Norway" and told to meet them miles away within a certain time period. Concerned as to what that means for the restaurant, he legs it to the location without telling his wife just as a bomb goes off at the rendezvous point, which happens to be a refinery distribution centre full to the brim with Russians. Think we can all gather that the Russians aren't going home after all. Fancy that! The perceived threat to the restaurant being changed to the oil refinery was nicely done, because everything was heavily suggested to be the restaurant up until this point.

Meanwhile, the two lads on the run from last week are picking cabbages, presumably for money and keeping a low profile. Iljas however, for reasons not really understood, borrows another workers mobile and contacts his sister to arrange a meeting. This is all tracked and watched by the secret service and our man Hans. Iljas's meeting with his sister and uncle is somewhat brief when they offer him passage to Canada. I'm not sure what everyone's logic is here but seems his family want to protect someone they openly know planted that bomb last week, and Iljas himself then gets angry at them and storms off. What was that meeting all about then? Bit confusing. Anyhow, as he's being tracked, this leads to the police zooming in on his and Eriksson, who gets arrested but Iljas somehow gets away.

Aside form all this, our PM finds his position under question, and comes across really as someone stuck between a rock and a hard place. Thankfully it's heavily suggested that he might get some relief via his PA who he seems to have a little bit on the side with.


7/10 (GOOD)

... It's a box. How secure is that?

Ok, there's a phone in the box. Arnesen muddles the waters this week by supplying information to terrorist group "Free Norway"

It's the Russian farewell party at what must be, I guess, the only restaurant in town.

... Obviously being PM has it's perks then?

The PM and his PA get all OTT with their interpersonal skills. Well, it's suggested but not actually seen.

... which means it has EVERYTHING to do with your abilities as a leader.

Picking cabbages is certainly not a lot of fun.

Bente has balls to say that to his editor and boss.

Meanwhile, Bente's wife gets friendly with one of the russian security services. I'd be surprised if it doesn't get physical at some point.

Erikisson makes a real shambles of his escape, especially given he had a tip-off that the police were coming.

There's a shocking end to the episode for Bente and us viewers.

A car bomb full of Russians detonates at an oil refinery.

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