Monday, 22 February 2016

Occupied S01E06


"Prime Minister Jesper Berg offers the EU a referendum that goes entirely against his ideology, while Hans Martin attempts to find out who is behind the Viksund attack."

What I thought?

The joint main plotlines for this week involve the aftermath of last week's oil refinery explosion, with the PM trying to find a way to "fix" the problem and get the Russians out of Norway quicker than two quick things. Further removing any creditability that he or his party ever had, he pushes successfully for a referendum where the people of Norway get to vote if they keep producing oil for 10 more years or not. If passed, he sees this as the end of the russian occupation, something that is now much bigger than his credibility. Not only is he losing friends and allies like lemmings, at the end of the episode he looks to have lost his wife somewhat, as she declares she's not sure she wants him to join her in France, where they are moving to shortly. Giving she must know a fair amount, by being his wife, you'd think she'd be more understandable, but apparently he's a changed man. Personally, I reckon this is more likely to do with his affair with his PA.

Hans is continuing to look miserable this week, not least as Arnesen is stopping him from actually doing anything useful in his investigations of the bombing. She's secretly met with the number one suspect Eivind Birkeland again, and although she's now semi-reluctant to help him now, she meekly agrees to his request to get him safe passage out of Norway. However, our man Hans, who wherever there is trouble he'll be, overhears her talking on the phone in the car park to Birkeland. Having heard her say every incriminating word possible, such as "terrorist", "You're wanted", "Don't call me here", and "I'll meet you" follows her to her next meeting with Birkeland . Once she's gone he does his police wannabe stuff and attempts to arrest Birkeland, but before he can, our suspect is shot in the head by a sniper. A rather cheesed off and flustered Hans is later seen at home having a long shower. We're left feeling unclear why he never called for backup in the first place, or what's happened subsequently to Birkeland's body etc. I'm also somewhat convinced that the Russians, who he met earlier, have tipped him off about his boss's dodgy involvement beforehand because he looked like he suspected her most of the episode of being corrupt.

In other developments, Bente's son tries to impress his girl by using the russian bodyguards who know him near the embassy/restaurant to let him pass with a bag hidden with petrol bombs. He bottles it though, literally, but not before he's sent one bomb into his parent's restaurant! What a dope. Sure, we hear him moan about the Russians in Norway, but what exactly have they done that's made his life a hell? This has to be more about impressing the girl than his rambles about Russians. 

Bente himself is lurking about the funeral service for the Russians killed last week, and gets talking to someone who claims he should also have been killed in bomb but was drunk or something like that. He has dressed up for a funeral but looks too cagey to get too close, and legs it when a russian security service guy sees him. Why get dressed then when you must know security would be at service? Anyhow, Bente got his name, but at end of episode we find Bente not only failing to find any information on the guy online but also his employers claim he's never worked for them. 

It's not much of a cliff hanger again, but this show doesn't seem to do those. The heart, soul and action of this show never happens at the very end, but is spread over the course of the episode.

Rating 7/10 (GOOD)

BBC News again. Do they not have their own national news in Norway?

Selfie with a terrorist.

Bente's car gets vandalised. Sadly, no subtitles for most of the language.

After some kissing with her russian security friend at the restaurant, we see Bente's wife sneak home and take a pee. I'm not sure why we needed to see that though.

In a classic overhearing situation, Hans listens as his boss reveals everything to anyone listening about what she's up to.

How to impress a girl; don't torch your parent's business.

Yup, I think 
Birkeland might be dead.

Might I suggest Google?

The PM drops his pants and she says he's not the man he used to be. Hopefully she's talking politically and not personally.

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