Sunday, 14 February 2016

Star Wars Rebels S02E15 "The Call"


"While on a mission to find fuel, the crew tries to protect space creatures from the Techno Union asteroid mining operation which threatens their lives."

What I thought?

There's not a lot to recommend about this episode. Much of a so-so run-of-the-mill kind of formulaic filler episode. This is a kid's cartoon at the end of the day and children would certainly like the simplistic and nature endearing aspect of the story. For adult Star Wars fans, it'll be much more of a hard pill to swallow, when we're all foaming at the mouth for some Darth Vader, Inquisitors and serious Empire muscle pulling action, not whales in space. 

There's a lot of cartoon plot holes this week. Not least how the "Whales" couldn't have easily overrun the mining platform on their own anyway. There was only a handful of miners and they were pretty incompetent. Then there was the jumping out of the ship and skydiving, with Ezra and Kanan using the force to land safely (although Ezra needed help). That I could accept perhaps at a stretch, but later there's several scenes with Kanan and Ezra walking about on ships that are clearly in outer space. It's supposed to be something like -200c in space. Sure, they could breath as they had helmets but there were wearing their usual clothes! A disappointing and underwhelming episode for me.


5/10 (OK)

One has to admit, the modified Tie-Fighters used by the miners looked damn cool.

Mining colony base looks beautiful. What better way to drop in than to sky dive.

It's 'Star Trek: The Voyage Home' all over again.

Star Wars Rebels Drinking Game: Have a sip every time an episode opens with a ship in view.

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