Saturday, 20 February 2016

Star Wars Rebels S02E16 "Homecoming"


The rebels team up with Cham Syndulla, who needs help to fight off the Imperial bombing attack on his planet. They also want to steal the carrier housing the bombers.

What I thought?

A family affair between Hera and her dad this week with plenty of rather ridiculous moments, such as Kanan and Ezra force throwing each other through closing doors. Then you have Kanan cut through a door with his lightsabre like its butter before the next door requires asking Chopper to unlock it!! What?!!! Crazy still, there's Ezra now it seems at an advanced jedi stage of the force by brainwashing the ship's commander, before later on he's force throwing a bomb loaded ship out the hanger with it being used to blow up a mini star destroyer which hurtles into the nearby planet. Darth Vader should be no problem.

There's far too much cartoon kid friendly stuff for my liking but there's was lots of great visual stuff in this episode and plenty clone war references. 

And ... the rebels haven't found a base yet? I thought Rex had them supplied with several suggestions at start of season almost?


6/10 (DECENT)

A spectacular scripted crash landing that really should have almost killed everyone.

Kanan sabres through a blast door only for ...

... the next door to require Chopper to unlock??!!

The brainwashing mind trick by Ezra was cheesy.

Nothing beats such visuals like this!

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