Saturday, 13 February 2016

The Curse of Oak Island S03E11


"Sword Play: The brothers retrieve some interesting lab results from the mysterious sword they found, before following another lead North of the island."

What I thought?

Well, continuing in a similar theme to the last three seasons of this show, the intrigue is there constantly, as well as the fascination to the mystery, but every week isn't always a fun ride ... as you'd expect in any treasure hunt. This week some of the gang are digging up the old weed like material that I think was fibres from coconut trees? Forgotten already. They were down on the south beach where years ago a series of flood gates were found under the beach. I forget what happened to those gates but I'm somewhat doubting they are still there given I've not seen them in the show yet. Anyhow, the fibres are dated by experts and indeed come from sometime between 1400-1600-ish with a 95% certainty. At last, some tangible proof that people were there donkey years ago and doing some wired and interesting stuff!

Back to 10X and in the War Room the brothers are now dialling up a new diver. Not sure what the previous diver did wrong, or why they still don't seem interested in removing the drill-bar stuck down the lower shaft before anyone dives. This time they say they have the best diver possible, which sounds similar to the last divers they had, right? Anyhow, the background for this new diver seems good and he's on his way to Oak Island. No doubt fuelled by mystery and a nice cheque.

That Roman sword from last week, which seemed to appear from nowhere with zero credibility, is put in front of scientists who basically prove it is only a replica and about a 100 years old. Still, as someone said on the show, it'll make a lovely letter opener.

Yet another theory and another site to drill arises this week. Ancestors of a previous treasure hunter on the island turn up to present their relation's theory of the island and mark out the location where they and he believed any treasure would be. The site is given a chance to prove it's worth and several trees obliterated so they can drill several 30ft holes around the area. In one hole they find some wood which is positioned upright but a subsequent hole nearby comes up with nothing interesting. Not sure why or if they didn't drill in every other direction around the "wood hole", as it's not mentioned. You'd think they would have, right?


7/10 (GOOD)

Sandcastles is so last year. Centuries old fibres is the modern thing.

That old Roman sword is neither Roman or that old.

The next 10X diving team?

... and it's wood, but what does it mean?

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